NdFeB N45 N45SH Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 05/10/2021

ndfeb n45 Neodymium Magnets 15x5x5mm NdFeB N45

Ndfeb N45 N45Sh Magnets

Magnet form, Block. Material, Neodymium (NdFeB). Magnetising, N45. Magnetising direction, through the length of 5 mm (pole faces on the ...

Neodymium Magnets 15x5x5mm NdFeB N45

Item number: ALB-B-W5H5L15-N45


double Nickel coating

One of our strongest block magnets which we offer.

Attention by handling with these magnets.

Product Characteristics

through the length of 5 mm (pole faces on the large surfaces)


Manufacturing process

20x2mm n45 super strong neodymium hard disc magnets


(*) The identified holding force was determined at room temperature on a polished steel plate Fe37 with a thickness of 20 mm.

The magnet was deducted vertically.

A difference of up to -10% compared to the specified value is possible in exceptional cases.

In general, the value exceeds the determined value.

N45SH Neodymium Magnet Permanent Magnets

Sintered NdFeB N45SH MagnetsNdFeB magnets offer the highest energy per unit volume of any permanent magnet material.

N45SH Neodymium Magnet

Welcome to our product page of N45SH Neodymium Magnet, in which you can find detailed information on N45SH Neodymium Magnet.

Our N45SH Neodymium Magnet is good in quality and competitive in price.

ALB Magnetics are the manufacturer and supplier of N45SH Neodymium Magnet.

We have an extensive range of Permanent Magnets ( N45SH Neodymium Magnet ) in various materials such as Sintered Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB), Rare Earth Cobalt Alloy (SmCo), Bonded Neodymium Iron Boron, Sintered Hard Ferrite(Ceramic), Soft Ferrite and Aluminium Nickel Cobalt Alloy(AlNiCo).

The majority of our magnets come are shaped as a segment, disc, rod, bar, block, ring, cylinder, arc, cube, sphere, wedge, horseshoe, and more.

n35 n42 n45 n50 n52 strong permanent magnets

We guarantee top N45SH Neodymium Magnet quality and 100% customer satisfaction! Select an N45SH Neodymium Magnet below to purchase on albmagnets.com.

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We are the super manufacturer and supplier of N45SH Rotor NdFeB Magnets. We can wholesale and export Rotor-NdFeB-N45SH-Ni-2 N45SH Rotor NdFeB

We can offer customized products according to your requirements!

Neodymium Magnetic applications:

loudspeakers,motor assemblies,windmill,Home appliance,acoustics,communication equipment,toy,car,servomotor,step motor,DC motor and linear motor,microphones

Pros: Very stronghold when contacting another magnet or plain iron, very difficult to pull away (easy to slide, however).

Pretty stronghold between two of these even with a couple of mm in between.

Cons: Would like thicker (and more powerful) versions.

Sure u can stack these together but sometimes it's not the same thing.

Other Thoughts: Good for attaching thick stacks of paper to refrigerators etc or pinching together papers or textiles.

Bottom line: This is the one if you need strong cost-effective magnets

albmagnets factory N45 neodymium magnet

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Rare Earth Magnet N45 grades

rare earth magnet n45, to as Rod magnets, and the strong N45 grade of this specific magnet make it a particularly powerful magnet for its size.

applications where a long, thin rare earth magnet is needed.

Uses for our strong neodymium rare earth block magnets: Neodymium magnets are made from powerful rare earth minerals.

Rare Earth Neodymium Cylinder Magnets can also be known as Rod Magnets.

They are ideal for applications requiring the embedding of magnets with more than average length.

These strong neodymium permanent magnets are able to generate a high magnetic pull force for their size.

ALB magnets Neodymium Cylinders come in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and grades.

We supply from grade N35 up to the strongest N52 Neodymium Cylinder Magnet available.

To customize our cylinder magnets to your specific requirements, see our Design a Magnet page.

With a superior size to strength ratio, these strong magnets are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries.

Examples of the uses for Neodymium Cylinder Magnets include acrylic signage, picture frames, and joinery.

ndfeb n35 n38 n40 n42 n45 magnets

Relevant industries are the art display industry, mining, engineering, construction, lighting, and Teaching facilities.

If you require more information about ALB Magnets Rare Earth Cylinder Magnets please Contact our sales team.

Neodymium Rare Earth Disc Magnet, N45, 1/2 x 1/4 inch

This magnet is grade N45, with N standing for neodymium and 45 referring to magnetic strength. Neodymium grades are from N35 to N52, with N45 considered one of the strongest grades.

The neodymium disc magnet is in the group of rare earth magnets, the strongest type of permanent magnet available today.

One magnet source estimates the pull force of this magnet at approximately 12 lbs, as measured with the magnet placed on a steel plate.

Keep away from electronic devices.

Strong magnetic fields could damage these devices.

These magnets are brittle.

They can be broken or chipped in colliding.

N45 N45SH Grade Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron Magnets These are also referred to as "Neo" or NdFeB magnets.

They offer a combination of high magnetic output at moderate cost.

NdFeB n45 block magnets

Motor Segment Magnets N45SH Neodymium Magnets By Motor

Motor Segment Magnets, Motor Permanent Magnet, N45SH Neodymium Segment Magnets, High Powerful Motor Arc Magnets, Neodymium Generator ...

Motor Segment Magnets N45SH Neodymium

Motor Segment Magnets, Motor Permanent Magnet, N45SH Neodymium Segment Magnets, High Powerful Motor Arc Magnets, Neodymium Generator Permanent Magnet

Motor Segment Magnets N45SH Neodymium Feature:

Part No.: ALB-AX2C45

Dimension: 1 1/8" o.r. x 1" i.r. x 3/4" x 45°

(28.58mm o.r. x 25.4mm i.r. x 19.05mm x 45°) – NdFeB Magnet in N45SH (12.6 lbs)

Magnetized Direction: through Diameter

Coating: Nickel

Max.Operating Temperature: 340°C

Rare earth magnets are mostly used in motors, such as permanent magnet D.C.

motors, wound field D.C.motors, gear motors, custom D.C.motors.

N45SH strong wedge magnet neodymium magnets

Segment magnets are of the largest quantity we made now.

Cylinder magnets are also the most popular motor magnets.

Materials:Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets, NdFeB magnet

Technology: Utilizes new Sintered NdFeB magnet techniques and equipment such as strip casting, HDDR technology max from 33-53MGOev, max working temperature up to 230°C

Magnetic properties: High coercive force, (BH) max from 33 to 53MGOe, max working temperature up to 230°C.

Grades: N33-N52,33M-48M,33H-48H,30SH-45SH,30UH-38UH, 30EH-35EH;

Shapes and sizes: Segment/ Arc, R x r x H x Degree, Customized;

Coatings: Ni, Zn, gold, copper, epoxy, chemical, perylene, and so on;

Applications: Widely used in motors, rotors, wind turbines/wind generators, etc.

Parameters: Grade (property), Size (R x r x H x Degree) or Drawing, Coating, Quantity, Etc.

Note: All of our magnets could be customized, and we’d like to give some suggestions if you need them.

Related keywords: ferrite magnet.

rare earth magnet, NdFeB magnets

N45 50x25x10mm neodymium big block magnets

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Materials: neodymium, iron, boron, and few transition metals

Coating: nickel

Maximum (BH): 52MGE

Grades: N35 to N50, N35M to 48M, N35H to N48H, N35SH to N42SH, N35UH to N40UH, and N28 to N35 (EH and AH)

Maximum working temperature: 340ºC

Introduction to Basic Composition and Microstructure of Sintered NdFeB Magnet Sintered neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnet or neodymium (Nd) magnet, as its name implies, contains essential rare earth Nd element.

Nd atoms, coupling with ferromagnetic element iron (Fe) atoms, help the magnet obtain high remanence (Br) and maximum energy product ((BH)max), which makes it extraordinary compared with other permanent magnets.

In commercial sintered NdFeB magnet, Nd element is usually partially substituted by other rare earth elements including praseodymium (Pr).

This N45 grade neodymium disc magnet measures 1" (D) x 1/2" (H). It has a magnetic flux reading of 4844 Gauss, a pull force of 21 kg.

About rare earth disc magnets:

Using powerful magnets, companies have designed and built a device for treating and purifying water.

These devices attract undesirable particles in the water (such as heavy metals, salt, and rust) without affecting the surface of the plumbing system or its associated apparatus.

This purification can turn hard water into soft water, thus prolonging the life of all surfaces and appliances, as well as improving the water for humans, plants, and animals.

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