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Science Experiment Magnets

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The class set comprises of 15 plastic-cased bar magnets measuring 80 x 22 x 10mm and 5 demonstration bar magnets measuring 100 x 30 x 10mm complete.

Alnico Bar Magnets class set- Set of Two - Home Science Tools


Two 3" medium-strength Alnico I bar magnets with ends marked North and South. Alnico bar magnets (made from an aluminum nickel-cobalt alloy) work well for ...

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An assortment of the classic bar and block magnets perfect for use.

Shop a great selection of bar and block magnets of varying sizes, colors.

This strong bar magnet is ideal for science projects or class demonstrations.

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Bar Magnets, These handy Bar Magnets are perfect for classroom science projects, science fair projects, and general experimentation. Durable and strong,

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these magnets will help students better grasp magnetism and magnetic polarity.

Add them to your classroom supplies and reuse them for years.

With north and south poles in different colors.

2 3/4" x 1/2"

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half ring magnet special shape

you need it. We've got ceramic magnets, alnico magnets, flexible strip, magnet sheet, iron filings, and more. ... In search of safe magnets to use in the classroom or in a children's environment? ... Alnico Bar Magnets (2"), N/S Stamped, Set of 2.

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Education N/S Painted Bar Magnets, 3 Inches, 1 Pair.


Mesmerize your students' eyes with these hands-on North-South Magnets! Small but mighty metal bars offer an easy aid for teachers to introduce real-life physics principles and other magnetic hands-on experiments.

End plates of each magnet (divided by N/S signs and blue and red paint color) can detach and be reattached as needed for demonstrations.

The strong force of magnetic is strong enough to hold heavy items on your refrigerator.

Use iron filings or other ferrite items (like paperclips) to showcase the basics of magnetic force and polar attraction.

Sold as a package of 20 magnets.

Not for children under the age of 3.


These bar magnets measure about 1/4" x 1/2" x 3" (72 x 12 x 6 mm).

The magnets are made of Aluminum (8%), Nickel (14%), Cobalt (24%), copper (3%) and Iron (51%) which makes for a super strong and high-quality magnet

ALNICOPBM70 has color-coded poles that are also marked with S and N for easy identification of the poles.

May be used for educational experiments and industrial applications.

Bar magnets are sold individually, but it is cheaper if you buy a pair.

Painted ALNICO bar magnets are available for wholesale and retail.

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Neodymium Magnets, Super strong magnets

Neodymium Magnets also are known as super magnets are the strongest magnets.

education experiment tools magnets

When two of these magnets attract each other, most people will have a hard time trying to separate them.

Super magnets are available in different shapes including disks, cylinders, cubes, rectangles, balls, and irregular shapes.

We offer Neodymium magnets in retail and wholesale quantities.

Special orders are welcome for special sizes and shapes.


Very strong neodymium magnet cubes made of rare earth metals.

Plated with copper and then nickel for added strength.

Cubes are 1/2" in all sides.


Useful for student demonstrations, plotting magnetic fields, etc.

Made from magnetic steel strips.

Painted red and stamped with N and S to indicate north and south poles.

Supplied in pairs with cardboard separator and plated soft iron keepers.


L x W x H


75 x 12 x 5mm


100 x 12 x 5mm


150 x 19 x 7mm

Science Experiment Magnets


This classic AlNiCo Horseshoe Magnet is made to be strong and useful for educational and industrial uses.

We recommend this to all students for science fair projects, science experiments, or just as an educational tool.


Composition: AlNiCo (Alloy of Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt)

Grade: 5 (much stronger than similar magnets in grades 1 or 2)

Production Method: Casting (Not made of powder metals)

Weight: 50 grams (close to 2 ounces)

Color: Red

Pole marking: Printed in white (N for North and S for South)

Overall Dimensions: 51 mm x 31 mm x 6 mm)

Pull Strength > 5 lbs (45 times its own weight)

Dimensions are 2" tall, 1 1/4 inch wide and 1/4" thickness.


Strong ALNICO bar magnets for laboratory demonstration work, magnetizing needles, etc.

Ideal for extended classroom use.


Poles are marked with N and S letters in white paint.

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These bar magnets measure about 1/4" x 1/2" x 3" (72 x 12 x 6 mm).

The magnets are made of Aluminum (Al), Nickel (Ni), and Cobalt (Co) which makes for a super strong and high-quality magnet.

education experiment tools magnets

L x W x H

70 x 12 x 6mm

Magnetic Storm

To study the magnetic fields around different shapes of magnets.

1 tablespoon of iron filings in a paper cup

8 1/2-inch x 11-inch paper


magnets of different shapes, including round, bar, and horseshoe magnets



Earth has a magnetic field that shields it from harmful cosmic radiation.

In some ways, Earth's magnetic field behaves in the same way that magnetic fields on ordinary magnets behave.

Tell students they will be exploring some of the properties of magnetic fields in this activity.

Organize students into groups and distribute the "Visualizing Magnetic Fields" student handout, iron filings, paper, compasses, rulers, and different-shaped magnets to each group.

Have students select a magnet and place a sheet of paper on top.

Instruct them to lightly sprinkle iron filings over the paper.

Ask them to sketch the magnetic field on another piece of paper.

Have students use their compasses to determine the direction of the field and indicate this with arrows on their diagrams.

Ask students to move a compass farther and farther out to where the magnetic field weakens.

(At this distance the compass will switch from indicating the magnet's magnetic field to indicating Earth's magnetic field.) Students should record this distance on their diagrams.

Have students repeat the experiment with magnets of different shapes.

experiment magnets

Have each group answer the questions its student handout.

Discuss students' findings.

What caused the compass to change direction when moved away from the magnet? What direction did the compass exhibit when moved away from each of the magnets? Why might this be?

As an extension, have students create a timeline of Earth's magnetic field reversals.

In a material with magnetic properties, such as a paper clip, groups of atoms are like tiny magnets with north and south poles.

When a paper clip is stroked with a magnet, the north, and south poles are temporarily aligned.

This creates a magnetic pull strong enough to pick up another paper clip.

When the paper clip is banged on the table, the alignment is disrupted and the magnetic effect ceases.

Iron filings will align with each magnet's magnetic field.

The shape of the magnet and the location of the poles determine the shape of the field.

Bar magnets and horseshoe magnets show the filings clumped near the poles.

Round magnets have around the magnetic field, which will form the iron filings into a semi-spherical shape above the paper.

Most of the magnetic field lines will occur near the magnet's poles.

On a round magnet, one flat side is the north pole and the other flat side is the south pole.

Moving the compass around the magnet will reveal that the magnetic field increases in strength as the compass gets closer to the magnet.

When the compass is moved far enough away from the magnet, its needle will align with Earth's magnetic field rather than the magnet's magnetic field.

This is because as the magnet moves away from the magnet's magnetic field it becomes more strongly influenced by Earth's magnetic field.

Earth is like a magnet because it also has a magnetic field.

Earth's magnetic field is most similar to the magnetic field generated by a bar magnet.

Earth's magnetic field differs from that of a bar magnet in that it is much less symmetrical, an effect due to solar wind spreading out magnetic lines that lie on Earth's nightside.

(These lines from Earth's magnetotail, which is the main source of the polar aurora.) Since Earth generates a magnetic field, a compass will align with its field and point to the North Pole.

You may want to point out to students that what is considered Earth's magnetic North Pole is actually its magnetic South Pole.

This is because magnetic field lines flow from the north to the south on a magnet.

Earth's magnetic field lines flow outward from the Southern Hemisphere and inward to the Northern Hemisphere, technically making the magnetic North Pole Earth's southern magnetic pole.

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