Shipment Tracking

Tracking shipment via UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT and others courier.







Shipment Method and Terms

ALB will ship all products ordered according to buyer instructions. However, ALB reserves the right to alter these instructions for hazardous products covered by the IATA(The International Air Transport Association).
In the absence of shipping instruction, products will be shipped by whatever method ALB deems appropriate. All scheduled shipment date are approximate and subject to delay caused by fire, strike, or other labor disturbances, Acts of God, shortages of products or failure of supplier to satisfactorily meet scheduled deliveries or any other factor or event beyond ALB's reasonable control, none of which factors or events shall give rise to any liability on the part of ALB, but shall constitute a waiver of any claim for delay. In no event shall ALB be liable for consequential or other damages for any delay. The products are at the risk of buyer after delivery to carrier. All risk for shortage, loss, delay or damage in transit should be borne by buyer.

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