Custom Magnets

1. For complicated shape custom magnets
PDF drawing is preferred for complicated shapes.
Please send drawings to to request for a quote.

2. For regular shape custom magnets
Please email to with following parameter so we can prepare a quote:
Material: NdFeB
Grade: N42 (or N52 or other Grade)
Shape: Disc (or Cylinder, Block, Ring, Sphere, Arc etc)
Dimensions: 1" dia. x 1" thick (or 25.4mm dia. x 25.4mm thick)
Magnetization Direction: Axially Magnetized (or other Magnetization direction)
Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni (or other Neodymium Magnets Coating)
Quantity: 1000pcs (or other quantity)

How to choose and buy a strong neodymium magnet? ALBMagnets is a professional company for strong magnet design and manufacturing,
providing you with reliable N35, N38, N42, N52, N42SH and other grade super neodymium magnets and SmCo rare earth magnets.

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