Neodymium Magnets Pull Force Calculator

Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets Pull Force calculators are used to test the Pull Force Between a Magnet and a Mild Steel Plate. Pull forces are measured in pounds (or kilograms).Pull force can vary significantly as a result of surface conditions, direction of pull, type of steel, etc. These pull force values are presented to aid in design but the user should not use them as a definitive reference.

Our NdFeB Magnets pull force calculators:

  1、 Magnetic Force Exerted by Magnets

  The pull force exerted by a permanent magnet or an electromagnet at the air gap is given bythe Maxwell equation:

  F = (B2A) / 2μ0.

  Where F is the force exerted by the pole of the magnet in newtons, A is the cross sectional area of the pole in square meters, and B is the magnetic induction exerted by the magnet in teslas.

  Therefore, if the magnet acts vertically, then it can lift a mass m in kilograms given by the simple equation

  m = (B2A) / 2μ0gn.

  2、Magnetic Energy Density Stored

  The magnetic energy density of a material denoted by the energy product (BH), expressed in joules per cubic meter (J•m -3),corresponds to the magnetic energy stored per unit volume of material. The magnetic energy density stored by an increase of the magnetic induction from B1to B2 is given by the following equation:

  (BH) = ∫HdB.

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