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Where Can I Buy Large Magnets?

Neodymium Magnets 09/17/2020

where can I buy large magnets?

n52 large neodymium ring magnets for sale

Bulk Magnets

Many people find themselves in the position of needing to buy a large number of magnetic objects at frequent intervals.

This is where our bulk discount comes to good use!

At ALB Magnetics you are able to purchase a higher quantity for a lower price per item.

Once your order over a certain amount of one product, you pay a lower price per individual item.

Buy in bulk and save! Instead of buying small amounts of magnets frequently, buy many in one go and save a considerable amount of money.

Choose from our range of Rare Earth Neodymium, Ferrite, Alnico, and Samarium magnets.

There are no products matching the selection.

Choose a Magnet

Magnets & Materials

Low surplus prices on magnets of all shapes and sizes--large and small! Strong rare earth, round ceramic donuts, heavy-duty pickup magnets, and more!

high performance large n52 cylinder neodymium magnets


Hang it all with this set of (10) magnetic hooks.

The 1-3/16" long x 9/64" hooks screw into 1-3/8" dia magnetic bases with an approx 8-lb pull, which is lighter than most jackets and keys.

Good for horizontal or vertical mounts, and dandy for adding hooks to gym or school lockers.

$6.95 EACH

Mystery Magnet

Beats us, frankly, but this black plastic cover, 1-3/4” x 1-1/2” x 1/4” (not unlike a tiny toilet seat cover) is hiding a really nice 1” dia x 1/8” (think: quarter size) plated neodymium magnet, with at least an 8-lb pull, inside.

The mystery is that the cover won’t open unless you break it.

The magnet grabs fine in the case or out of it.

Tap it on its side with a hammer to crack open the case and reveal nothing but a magnet.

$5.95 PKG (2)

Killer Magnet

large rare earth neodymium n42 bar block

What is a killer rare earth magnet? Well, once upon a time, a copywriter put this little magnet next to his computer monitor and got really pretty, wavy, aurora-like effects.

And then got a new monitor! Don't try this at home.

Our shiny, silver-colored 1" x 1" x 1/2" neodymium magnet looks innocent, but is industrial strength, pulling something like 25 lbs with enough strength left over to erase all your credit cards.

And wreak havoc with your monitor.

$14.50 EACH

Stick 'Em Up

Now you can have a good, strong hook without drilling any holes.

This plated magnetic hook sticks to any ferrous metal surface via a 2" dia alnico magnet with a 10-12 pound pull.

Handy gadgets to hold a tool, towel, broom, or key ring (and if the ring is too heavy, consider throwing away the keys to your 1983 Chevy, and maybe a few more).

The 3/4" long J-hooks have threaded ends and are removable.

Each is a package of (2).

$3.50 EACH

wedge neodymium magnet 60mm large magnet

Magnetic Pull

Add a door/drawer pull to any ferrous surface with this 1" dia x 1/4" thick neodymium disc in a polished sleeve with a 3/16" dia hole in a stand-off.

Comes with a 1" slip-ring attached, and hangs on for 22 lbs worth.

Plenty handy for hanging stuff from other stuff, too.

$8.75 EACH

Sticky Bar Of Silver

This plated N52 14,200 gauss neodymium magnet is shaped like a miniature silver ingot, measuring 1-1/2" long x 1/2" wide x 1/8" thick.

Has a big changeability quotient, which the manufacturer claims is 15 lbs of pull, meaning it's probably closer to 13 lbs.

Impressive either way for such a cute little magnet.

$4.85 EACH

The Most Beauteous Cube

Voted most likely to attract by the judges, this magnet has the relative strength of 10 men.

custom shape diametrically magnetized large-small

A shiny silver 1/2" cube of neodymium magnetism, it packs approx a 15-lb pull.

If our boss Pat were that strong he could lift 2,160 lbs! Besides its superpower strength, this beautiful cube also would improve the looks of your fridge or bulletin board to no end.

$5.95 EACH

“O” Magnets

Coated white, these ceramic magnets look kind of like little donuts, each 7/8" dia x 1/2" thick with an 11/32” ID and a pull of approx 1 lb.

Extremely handy for the fridge, steel file cabinet, or wherever you hang photos, notes to self, to-do lists, and stuff you tear out of magazines and newspapers.

$2.95 PKG (10)

N52 Grade Neodymium

The strength of neodymium magnets increases as the grade number gets higher.

N35 is the most usual grade for all applications, N55 is the highest but this is not yet widely available.

We stock a range of N52 neodymium which is the highest grade that is currently widely and reliably available - N55 will be increasingly available from 2020.

best neodymium magnets - FIND THE RIGHT MAGNET

52mm large wedge neodymium magnet

Check out our guide to finding the best magnet for the job.

Choose the box that best matches your next challenge, and see what our Magnet Experts recommend.

Whether you're decorating, organizing, or cleaning up - we'll help you find the perfect magnet for your next project.

You are sure to find the right CRAFT + MAGNET that could be a perfect fit the next time you need to...

Complete a DIY, craft, or hobby project!

We offer an extensive line of materials, grades, shapes, sizes, and colors for any craft, hobby, or home project. Bulk Quantities Available

We offer a wide selection of PERMANENT MAGNETIC MATERIALS that could be a perfect fit the next time you need to...


We have over 20 million magnets in stock and the Magnet Experts to help bring your idea to reality!

Let us help you find the perfect magnetic solution. Custom Tooling and Special Orders Available


Are the strongest magnet you can buy!

52mm large wedge neodymium magnet

Neodymium is the most powerful magnet material on the market today!

We stock thousands of Neodymium magnets in various shapes, sizes, and grades. Bulk Quantities Available

Anyone of our HOOKS, CLIPS OR CLAMPS could be a perfect fit the next time you need to Hang Something Up! Lightweight or heavy-duty.

Industrial or decorative. Unique, fun, and fully functional.

Our innovative line of magnetic hooks, clamps, and clips puts all others to shame! Over 35 Products Available HOLD, ATTACH OR POST SOMETHING!

These are not your Grandma's fridge magnets!

We offer tons of attractive, unique, and functional magnets to hold your important items, like reminders, artwork, tools, and more.


We offer many innovative and powerful tools that work in wet or dry environments!

Clean water or de-greasing tanks of metal shavings with ease.

Constructed with rare earth magnets to maximize holding power.

Four Sizes and Strengths Available REMOVE DEBRIS FROM FLOOR, GOUND OR ROAD!

large rare earth neodymium n52 bar block

Fast clean-up reduces the risk of injury!

Whether you push, hang, tow, or trailer - our extensive line of Magnetic Sweepers always gets the job done.

Over 20 Different Sizes and Options Available


A great way to tell the world about your business, school, organization, or event!

Add your company logo, business name, or website address to many versatile and colorful products that we customize. Design Assistance Available


It happens - you, your kids, or the family pet make an exit and the door or gate doesn't close shut.

Solve that problem with magnets! Over 40 Products to Choose

Permanent Magnets for Sale | Where to Buy Magnets

Thanks for visiting our Magnet Shop - a fast & easy way to buy magnets!

Why choose

large custom neo disc magnetic blocks ring

Established in 2009, is the premier online magnet store for purchasing high-quality, permanent, and rare-earth magnets.

Our magnet shop has been serving the magnet community for over 10 years, providing stock & custom magnets for a wide range of industrial, commercial, technical & consumer applications to thousands of customers across the globe.

Large Inventory of Permanent Magnets

We carry a large inventory of permanent magnets;

neodymium, ceramic, samarium cobalt, & alnico magnets available from stock for immediate shipment in a wide range of shapes, sizes & grades.

Powerful magnets for heavy-duty holding & lifting applications include round base(cup) magnets, magnetic map & memo holders, and heavy-duty magnetic bulldog clips.

Our magnetic hooks & magnetic picture hangers are easy to use for both the home and office, and we also offer magnets used for many popular crafting applications.

Check out our newest magnets and magnetic product lines, featuring handheld digital HGM09s Gaussmeters, and magnetic field viewing the film .

Turnkey Magnetic Solutions

For more technical magnet applications, we manufacture custom permanent magnets, complex magnetic assemblies, electro-mechanical components, (for high-performance motors & electrical machines).

Using our in-house global manufacturing facilities and experienced team of technical designers & engineers, we can help you determine the most efficient way of providing you with what you need.

Consistency & Quality Assurance

ISO:9001 Certified since 1998 & RoHS Compliant, we have a well-established QMS that meets today’s critical standards.

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