Rare Earth Magnets For Sale

Neodymium Magnets 09/16/2020

rare earth magnets for sale

Rare Earth Magnets For Sale

Customized Rare Earth Magnets & Neo Magnets For Sale

We provide rare earth magnets & Neodymium Magnets (Neo Magnets) in a large selection of Discs, Blocks, and Rings. Browse for sizes/shapes.

ALB Magnet can assist you in selecting the best rare earth magnets currently for sale, and ready to be used for varied applications.

Rare Earth magnets and Neodymium Magnets (Neo Magnets) in particular, are available in a big selection of Discs, Blocks, and Rings.

However, if you need a special size and/or shape, ALB Magnet can source produce this for you in weeks, not months.

Whether you want to use a standard design or need a completely custom magnet shape and/or size, ALB Magnet is your technical resource and one-stop-shop for Neo magnets.

Our inventory and relationships with manufacturing companies enable us to provide you with timely, cost-effective, and positive results.

Neodymium Magnets

Our rare earth magnets, on sale, are high-performance solutions that combine high pull force strength into a small form factor.

rare earth neodymium arc magnet

A Neodymium Magnet (neo magnet) allows the use of a smaller magnet to generate a greater force than a larger magnet made of a different material would.

This is particularly useful when strong force is required and/or when space is an important design consideration.

Standard Grade (N35) Neodymium has a very high resistance to demagnetization at ambient temperatures.

If your application requires exposure to heat > 176° F, slight demagnetization may occur and high-temperature grades may be necessary.

Please call us to specify alternate grades and specifications appropriate for your application.

Neodymium flexible magnets are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and energy levels.

ALB Magnet offers a number of stock sizes through our Quick Ship inventory.

As always, we can also customize almost anything you require.

ALB Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth Magnets manufactures ALB MAGNETS neodymium magnets for science, innovation, engineering, and industry.

We supply many Fortune 500 and smaller companies with strong high-quality neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnetic products.

large rare earth neodymium n52 bar block

Our products are made with the world's most advanced magnetic materials.

Production processes of neodymium magnetic materials are covered by extensive intellectual property.

All ALB MAGNETS products are produced under license.

We do not sell surplus or third-party origin magnets.

Extensive Selection of Shapes and Sizes

We have a wide range of shapes and sizes of magnets to meet the diverse application requirements of our customers.

Stock shapes include an arc segment, block, cube, cylinder, disc, ring, and rods.

We also stock cup mounting magnets.

Our stock dimensions are in the United States Customary Units but we can manufacture metric sizes to meet our customers' requirements.

Our stock magnets are Grade N40 sintered neodymium-iron-boron plated in nickel.

factory direct rare earth sintered block n52

We have an extensive inventory of millions of magnets that are ready to ship immediately.

We ship domestically and internationally.

ALB Packaging System

Our products are packaged in our ALB packaging system.

This packaging has been specifically designed to allow strong rare earth magnets to be easily stored, transported, and displayed.

The ALB packaging system includes a child-resistant closure to reduce the ingestion risk to small children.


Many hardware, hobby, and specialty stores carry the ALB magnet product line.

If you are a store owner and would like more information on becoming an ALB reseller or distributor, please contact us at the e-mail address or phone number below.

Rare Earth Magnets, 10 Pc. $239

Amazing deals on this 10Pc Rare Earth Magnets at ALB. Quality tools & low prices.

NdFeB N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48 N52

Lightweight and super strong magnets for a variety of projects

These rare earth neodymium magnets are super-strong and ideal for workshop use.

Ideal for experiments, shop, and everyday use, these rare earth magnets are nickel plated to resist corrosion.

Super-strong magnets made from neodymium are five times stronger than samarium-cobalt rare earth magnets, Nickel-plated to resist corrosion, Five times stronger than strip magnets

Important Information: Not a toy - keep out of reach of children.

Rare Earth Magnets - Magnets and Magnetic Strips

Shop ALB for rare earth magnets. We sell neodymium, sintered neodymium and more.

Rare Earth Magnets 2450 products

ALB carries rare earth magnets for a plethora of uses and applications.

Available in many forms including disc magnets, holed discs, round bases, blocks, cylinders, and more.

12mmx3mm rare earth round disc

Shop through different neodymium metals, weights, and lengths.

Rare earth magnets have a multitude of industrial uses, including welding clamps, oil filters, stud finders, holding banners on cars and floats, trailer hitch rods, and plenty of others.

Wholesale Rare Earth Magnets - Buy Cheap in Bulk from ALB Magnets

Bulk buy rare earth magnets online from USA suppliers on albmagnets.com. Get deals with coupons and discount code!

rare earth magnets

We are a rare earth magnets wholesaler, who provide all kinds of high-quality rare earth magnets directly from factories. You will see the advanced pricing options including the bulk pricing.

super strong square bar magnet rare earth

Buy rare earth magnets in bulk from ALB now. Over the years ALB built a solid reputation based on superior quality service and 1500rare earth magnets items, which have USA top Magnets, Fasteners & Hardware, Industrial Supplies & MRO, Office & School & Business & Industrial suppliers. You can shop a huge selection of 1500 rare earth magnets, from Neodymium Magnets to rare earth magnets, on sale at albmagents.com.

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Best and Cheap rare earth magnets online shopping

ALB brings to you a convenient online platform to buy your favorite Magnets at wholesale prices.

Whether you want rare earth magnets or magnet, there is nothing you will not find here.

What makes this platform the best place to buy all your school magnets and neo magnets is the collection from some of the most known brands across the world.

With over 1500 items to choose from, you can get the right rare earth magnets you are looking for.

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