Ceramic Ring Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 09/09/2020

Ceramic Ring Magnets

Ceramic Ring Magnets

Use these 2 strong ceramic magnets to teach the properties of magnets.

Thread a pen or pencil through the center hole of the magnets and place 1 ring over the other.

Does it float or fall? Turn 1 magnet over and try again.

Compare the magnetic properties of these round magnets, which are magnetized on their faces, to bar magnets, which are magnetized on their ends.

Each magnet is 38 mm in diameter and 8 mm thick.

Includes 1 red and 1 blue magnet.

customized o ring ferrite ring magnet iron

Sold in packs of 200.

Ceramic Ring Magnets appear to defy gravity as they climb up a pencil. Add a new dimension to your magnetic studies.

Price: $3.30

Defying gravity? That’s what these magnets appear to be doing as they climb up a pencil.

What happens if you turn the magnets over? What does the magnetic field of a ring magnet look like—can you map it? These magnets will add a new dimension to your magnet studies.

Magnets 34 mm in diameter, 9 mm thick with an 8-mm diameter hole.

200 magnets per set.

Ceramic ferrite ring magnets for use in manufacturing, craft, and hobby applications. Choose from many sizes of rings.

powerful ceramic ferrite ring magnet for water


Ceramic ring magnets offer a lot of magnetic strength at an economical price.

We offer many sizes and grades suitable for a variety of manufacturing, hobby, and craft applications.

Listed below are some of our best-selling sizes of ceramic ring magnets.

Ring Magnet | Permanent Magnets $5.29

High-quality permanent magnets are available in different shapes. Ceramic magnets (Ferrite) are of great value.

Ceramic Ring Magnet - 60 mm x 24 mm x 13 mm

radial magnetization ferrite ring disc magnet

Product Description: This ceramic ring magnet measures 60 mm (OD) x 24 mm (ID) x 13 mm (H). It has a pull force of 2.7 kg.

Ferrite / Ceramic magnets are used primarily in applications where cost is a large consideration and the size of the magnet is not necessarily a concern, like motors and large generators.

These magnets produce a low magnetic field but can withstand demagnetization very well.

Our inventory contains a large sampling of the different grades, however, if you need a different grade, shape, or size, please contact us and let us know your custom magnet requirement.

ceramic magnets for sale

mini ceramic small ring micro ferrite magnet

Small Ceramic Magnets for sale ‎$1.19

This small ceramic (ferrite) disc magnet is ideal for crafts, hobbies, souvenirs, fridge magnets & whiteboard magnets.

I was hoping these magnets were good strong ones when I purchased them and wow! They haven't disappointed.

These are great quality magnets, great size and strength, super fast shipping, and easy to use the website.

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