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Rare Earth Magnets For Miniatures

Neodymium Magnets 04/06/2021

rare earth magnets for miniatures

Rare Earth Magnets For Miniatures

ALB Magnets N52 Rare Earth Magnets

Hold your miniatures securely with our neodymium rare-earth magnets. · Extremely strong N52 rated magnets. · Glue magnets to the base of any miniature you ...

Hulk Strength magnets

These magnets are very strong and keep your miniatures in the case very, very well.

Paired with the disks and they are awesome.

Also, very well priced compared to other magnets.

Worth every penny

These magnets are of great quality and price.

I used these on my entire Sister's army and have no complaints.

super small mini disc rare earth NdFeB magnets

Stronghold! Keeps minis from crashing.

I was surprised at how strong these magnets are at holding my ALB down.

Grate Magnets

These work great.

Another great way to keep your miniatures safe and secure when paired with the metal disks..

Highly recommend getting some plastic tweezers to help with installationAL as they are tiny.

The perfect mini magnet

These are the perfect size and strength for holding minis to a metal sheet or an ALB target.

3 of them hold my Onager Dunecrawlers and evening my Imperial Knight securely to the iron sheets.

Definitely pick up a pack or two in addition to any backs of the magnet/target bundles

Nice magnets

diameter 10mm super strong customized magnet mini rare earth magnets

These magnets are a great size and strength for most minis.

Strong enough to hold minis (including metal ones) securely in place, not so strong that you'll pull the mini off its base when trying to retrieve it from the case.

Size is not perfect, however, for the depth of different bases.

I have some bases that benefit from a thinner magnet to fit underneath it, and some that actually work better with a thicker one.

No knock on Crystal Fortress, as these are definitely the sweet spot in thickness, but you may be looking for additional magnets from elsewhere in addition to these.

Best Magnets!

Perfect magnets for holding my models to the case.

I've now bought about 200 of them and the work begins to magnetize my entire collection.

miniatures Rare-Earth-Magnets

800 Products — Put a Rare Earth magnet in your tank turrets, and one to match in the tank itself, and you have a turret that can be removed quickly and easily to swap out different weapons, to indicate damage, to pose your miniatures, or just for safe transport.

customized mini magnet rare earth neodymium magnet micro magnet

Rare Earth Magnets

Rare Earth magnets are particularly powerful and come in a range of sizes.

These Rare Earth magnets are perfect for modular assembly - that is, quick and easy part swaps.

The Rare Earth magnet starter pack has a range of different sizes as well as drill bits to match, and we also sell drill bits separately to match all our Rare Earth magnets.

Rare Earth magnets are a quick, easy, and convenient addition to your toolbox.

Note - while they are incredibly awesome and powerful and have a variety of applications, they don't make for very delicious treats.

Please, please, please DO NOT EAT THEM!

from dice to magnets, t-shirts, gaming aids, and more. Show your support of ... Rare Earth Hobby Magnets. ‎Magnets · ‎All Products · ‎Dice · ‎Gaming Aids

Rare Earth Magnets (3mm x 1mm) (x10000).

Magnets are hugely useful for a number of applications in wargaming and painting.

They can be used to:

high precision super small tiny miniatures micro magnets

Magnetise miniatures to movement trays, allowing you to stand them on hills, pick them up as one, ensure top-heavy miniatures don't tip over, and generally make playing with your toys nice and easy!

Magnetise different weapon options, allowing for flexibility in gaming.

A detailed tutorial can be found here

These supercharged rare-earth magnets are very high grade & strength (N52), enabling you to do complex conversions or simply magnetize different weapons to your models.

What size magnets for 40k bases you ask? These sizes! The 2.2mm height is the critical measurement that allows them to be flush to the base, not too tall or too short.

Use these to mount your miniatures to magnetic movement trays, cookie sheets, Magna Racks, Table War case, etc.

For Space Marines and smaller, use the medium size, 4.5mm x 2.2mm, for Space Marines and larger, use the Large size 6mm x 2.2mm

For small-based ships such as X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and Fang Fighters, use the Medium (4.5mm) size. For all other ships, I recommend going to the large size. For ships like the Ghost, I recommend using 2 magnets for a more secure hold.

powerful neodymium magnet mini NdFeB magnet for medical

These magnets work for any size GW base.

We recommend Maxi cure super glue, the only Super glue that can hold N52 magnets.

Rare Earth magnets are the strongest magnets in the world. These magnets have pulled several times their weight.

Rare Earth Magnets. Rare Earth Magnets for Magnetising Miniatures.

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