4mm Cube Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 01/14/2020

4mm cube magnets

216Pcs Neodymium Magnet Cube 4mm N35
216Pcs Neodymium Magnet Cube 4mm N35

216Pcs Neodymium Magnet Cube 5mm 4mm 3mm N35 Permanent NdFeB Super Strong Powerful Magnetic Magnets Square Neo Cube For Industry.

Max Working Temperature: 80°C/176°F

Tolerance: Approx 0-0.1mm

Plating: Nickel + Copper + Nickel Triple Layer Plated

Package: 216Pcs/Lot


1: Neodymium magnet is extremely powerful, pls take care of your fingers or other body parts to avoid injured between 2 pieces big magnet;

2: Neodymium magnet is very fragile & easy damaged, pls handle gently;

3: The max operating temperature is 80°C/176°F.

4mm x 4mm Rare-Earth Magnets 216PCS

The only thing better than a speed cube is a magnetic speed cube. 50 pieces of 4mm x 4mm rare earth magnets to magnetize your cube.

Magnet Type‎: ‎Neodymium

Magnet Rating‎: ‎N35, N40, N45



Taking a speed cube apart is not trivial and there is a very real risk of losing pieces or damaging your puzzle or perhaps even being unable to rebuild to your satisfaction.

4Mm Cube Magnets

When you take any of your puzzles apart for any reason (lubrication, modding or customization) - you do so at your own risk and must understand that you immediately void all support warranty.

Please understand that we will not be held responsible for any issues in this regard and cannot honor replacements or refunds.

When you try to make the magnets apart, please slide and push the magnets one by one to avoid breaking them.

Magnets are a choking hazard for children and pets.

If magnet sets are used in the home, store them in a locked cabinet or box out of reach of small children and pets. Be sure to discard them safely, too.

Magnet sets should also be kept away from older children and individuals with developmental delays or the elderly with memory impairment.

After the use of magnets, count each piece to make sure none are missing.

If anyone swallows a magnet, here's what you should do:

Do not try to make the person throw up.

Do not give anything to drink or eat.

Call Poison Control for your state immediately and follow the advice of experts who will tell you what to do.

4mm x 4mm x 4mm N42

I brought these for my ALB-B333.

This is the first time I have tried to magnetize a cube and I decided to go for the N40s after reading a number of different reviews.

I think these may be a bit too strong for the cube and I would maybe go for the N35s next time.

First purchase experience

Personally, this is my first experience of purchasing an actual speed cube and I spent many days knowing the ins and outs of speedcubes which led me to this purchase of Gan r and N45 magnets.


My first decisions was the m3rs2M, auxin little magic M, Weilong gts3m and many recommended ones from sperm and other youtube however since the speedcubes I chose were out of the sale or too expensive to ship I settled for the Gan r to self magnetize (i have never magnetized a cube in my life).

Now don't get me wrong I probably would've settled with the Gan r either way since its corner-cutting is so smooth and has a wide range (many say its similar to the Gan X just very unstable).

Now first impressions of unboxing the cube were just as expected.

The cube was well lubed ready to be used but very unstable to the point of being unusable but don't worry, thankfully I bought magnets with it which made it 1000 times better and is now my main.

The magnetizing process just took me 1hr, I used Loctite super glue (liquid) and followed the tutorial from ‘SpeedCubeReview’ YouTuber what I may add is when your magnetizing make sure to test the polarity of each magnet and be careful.

Overall my experience is 10/10 the shipping took 3 days, the package was in great condition, the final cube was perfect (i recommend to buy some lube with it since the magnetizing process may wipe off the lube already on it).

4mm cube magnets

216pcs 4mm Square Magnets Magic Cube Silver


.Brand new 125Pcs 4mm Square Magnets Magic Cube

.Compact design and smooth feeling with magnetic cubes

.125Pcs magnetic cubes with 4mm length

.Ultra strong magnet properties cubes

.More than just a toy, you may use these cubes to make jewelry or fun creations

.Capable of forming billions of models such as flowers, leaves, pyramid, etc.

.Build anything which you can imagine, like 2-D or 3-D objects

.Create and recreate an outrageous number of shapes and patterns with these 125 cubes

.Activate your imagination and creativity


.Great for releasing stress or pressure from daily life and improve your hand flexibility

.Perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience

.Provide you with hours and hours of fun & entertainment

.Play these magnet cubes with your friends and enjoy the happiness

.Perfect intelligence gift for you and for your friends

.Note: Keep out of reach from children, recommended age 13+

ALB Magnets 4 mm x 0.5 mm N52, high-grade neodymium disk. Prices From: USD

Neodymiuam Magnets are the strongest permanent magnets available.

They usually have a maximum operating temperature of 80C unless they are specifically made for a higher operating temperature.

The uses of Neodymium magnets are very varied but care must be taken because they are brittle, do not flex and may jump together and break!

Neodymium: Cubes

Neodymium Cube magnets can be made in very small sizes and allow for alternating poles that are closely assembled, including consumer electronics, automotive and medical.

If you require a specific size that is not available on our website, please contact us for a custom magnet quote.

Square Magnets

Square magnets are typically produced with their north and south pole on opposite square faces; our 4mm x 4mm x 4mm cube.

An alternative to circular discs, square magnets are not as commonly used as discs but their straight lines and clean edges offer a pleasing and different visual appearance while providing a greater surface area than circular magnets of the same diameter.

a common feature from our smallest, 3mm x 3mm x 3mm cube up to our largest super-strong 50mm x 50mm x 25mm neodymium block magnets.

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