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3M Adhesive Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 09/09/2020

3m adhesive magnets

Magnet with 3M sticker Manufacturer is ALB, Adhesive Disc Neodymium Magnets with 3M VHB Foam Adhesive n35, Strong Disc OR Block Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets with 3M VHB Foam Adhesive 16 Years' Professional Rare Earth Magnet Manufacturer OF SELF ADHESIVE DISC MAGNET WITH 3M TAPE Size:8mm diameter x 2mm thick (Customized is Available) Convenient super-strong.

D41AD-P Neodymium Magnets, 1/4 inch dia. x 1/16 inch thick with adhesive backing


  • NdFeB, Grade N42
  • Dimension: 1/4" dia. x 1/16" thick with adhesive backing
  • Pull force: 1.19 lbs
D61AD-P Neodymium Magnets, 3/8 inch dia. x 1/16 inch thick with adhesive backing


  • NdFeB, Grade N42
  • Dimension: 3/8" dia. x 1/16" thick with adhesive backing
  • Pull force: 2.12 lbs
D81AD-P Neodymium Magnets, 1/2 inch dia. x 1/16 inch thick with adhesive backing


  • NdFeB, Grade N42
  • Dimension: 1/2" dia. x 1/16" thick with adhesive backing
  • Pull force: 3.10 lbs

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Hi, the difference is VHB version comes with adhesive applied to one side and the other has no adhesive.

They are of the same strength.

So both are the same strength just that with that adhesive? Which makes the price higher? Cos I just need a super-strong magnetic power to hold on notes in between 6 to 8mm leather in between.

6-8mm magnetism can still be felt but holding strength will be greatly reduced.

The gap is something that reduces magnetic strength.

Hi, the type with VHB adhesive can be used on wood, if it is in facing pair, they are opposite polarity.

3M Magnet Bonding Adhesive AU-205

3M Magnet Bonding Adhesive AU-205 is a structural adhesive designed to bond permanent magnets to electrical motor rotors and stators.

B-staged double-sided epoxy tape for simplified applications

Reduces rework be minimizing adhesive squeeze out and magnet orientation during positioning

No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) means an increase in operator safety and lower production costs

19mm wide x 0.85mm thick Flexible Neodymium Magnetic.

The strongest magnetic tape commercially available combining super-strong neodymium, premium rubber, and convenient 3M adhesive.

1. Select Number of Metres

Neo 19mm Wide Flexible Neodymium Magnetic Strip - 3M Self Adhesive (1 Metre Length - 2 x 0.5M)

Neo strips are designed to provide the strongest grip possible on magnetic metal based surfaces.

Neo tapes are self-adhesive and pliable, ideal for a diverse range of applications.

1 metre length (supplied as 2 x 0.5 Metre lengths).

19mm wide x 0.85mm thick.

760g pull force per cm length (400g per cm2).

3M Adhesive Magnets

Striped North-South magnetic field (3mm pole pitch).

Neodymium magnetic face.

High strength 3M self-adhesive.

Neo magnetic strips are designed to provide the strongest grip possible on magnetic metal based surfaces.

Neo magnetic strip is self-adhesive and pliable, ideal for a diverse range of applications.

To ensure that the grip remains secure, we recommend allowing between 24 to 32 hours for the adhesive to cure.

we have a wide range of magnetic wall coverings designed for various applications across the home, school, and workplace.

Visit our magnetic wall coverings brochure to view all options and the potential benefits to your project.

300mm x 0.85mm thick 3M Self Adhesive Flexible Magnetic.

1. Select Number of Metres

300mm Wide Flexible Magnetic Sheet - 3M Self Adhesive (1 Metre Length)

This flexible magnetic sheet is magnetic on one side only with strong self-adhesive on the other side.

It is easily cut to size which makes it ideal for creating magnetic pictures, artwork, signs or displays.

Supplied in lengths of 1 or 5 meters, for bespoke requirements please contact our sales team.

To ensure that the grip remains secure, we recommend allowing between 24 to 32 hours for the adhesive to cure.

Supplied as one 1 meter length.

300mm wide x 0.85mm thick and 1 meter long.

Magnetic on one side only with a striped north-south magnetic field to give a secure grip.

Convenient super-strong self-adhesive on the non-magnetic side.

Each magnetic sheet has a pulling force of 40g/cm2.

Made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly EN71 material.

Because our self-adhesive, flexible magnetic sheets are easily cut to size with scissors it makes their creative uses endless.

Whether you are a craft enthusiast, want to create your own signs or make your artwork or photos magnetic you will find our magnetic sheets really useful.


Best value 3m Adhesive Magnets

2019 popular 3m Adhesive Magnets trends in Home Improvement, Magnetic Materials, Cellphones & Telecommunications.

Popular 3m adhesive magnets of Good Quality and at Affordable Prices.

We believe in helping you find the product that is right for you.

ALB carries a wide variety of products, so you can find just what you’re looking for – and maybe something you never even imagined along the way.

If you are interested in 3m adhesive magnets, ALB has found 67 related results, so you can compare and shop! Try finding the one that is right for you by choosing the price range, brand, or specifications that meet your needs.

Our selection of brands is always growing, so chances are your favorite is on ALB.

You will find high-quality 3m adhesive magnets at an affordable price.

We also know that personalization is in the details, so we offer many different 3m adhesive magnets Composite like Neodymium Magnet, Rubber Magnet, NdFeB Magnet, and others.

Buy self-adhesive magnets / sticky magnets

You can select from self-adhesive magnets with adhesive foil as well as extremely durable FOAM adhesive foam, both from 3M.

Strong adhesive neodymium magnets

Besides the superalloy of neodymium, our self-adhesive magnets distinguish themselves with a low height.

They are extremely flat with a height of 0,6 to 2 mm.

Despite their small sizes of 6 to 25 mm diameter (disc magnets) or 10 to 40 mm length (block magnets), the larger magnets can hold objects of up to 3 kg.

Utilize our filter to quickly find sticky magnets with the desired adhesive force for your project.

You can order adhesive magnets in our online shop in quantities of 10, 20 or 40 pieces, depending on the product.

We can offer you volume pricing for larger quantities to reduce the per-unit price.

The self-adhesive magnets come on a paper strip with a counterpart.

This has the following advantages: 1) It is easier to separate the magnets.

2) You receive a magnet pair with a self-adhesive north and south pole.

You can use this pair to close a handcrafted card, for instance, or to create a magnetic holder for a name tag.

Strong glue-on magnetic discs

With these products, it is not only the adhesive force that's important but also their hold on other surfaces.


That is why these glue-on neodymium magnets come with a high-quality 3M adhesive surface on one side, which ensures a strong and durable hold on different surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, acrylic glass, and wood.

We offer the self-adhesive magnets in two different versions:

STIC: Products with regular 3M adhesive (Type 467MP)

FOAM: Magnets with extra-strong 3M adhesive foam (Type 4920)

The magnets are easy to use: Simply pull the flap to remove the protective foil and place the sticky magnet with the adhesive side down on the desired surface.

Inspirations for possible applications

as closures for books, folders, mailings, greeting cards, packaging, etc.

for designing handcrafted jewelry and purses

inconspicuous hanging of pictures and other wall decorations - without holes in the wall

for magnetic name tags for weddings

for arts and crafts at home or at school

Besides sticky magnets, our small magnetic Takki discs also work well for arts and crafts.

They are not made of NdFeB but rather ferrite, hence they are not as strong.

Yet, they are very versatile and easy to use, for instance for creative paper designs for invitations, greeting or thank you cards, or to hang up postcards and such on the refrigerator or magnetic board.

Tips for the optimal hold

Since the surface quality highly influences the adhesive's performance, make sure you have a suitable (smooth, clean, and grease-free) surface.

After removing the protective foil, don't touch the self-adhesive side as this may negatively affect the adhesive's strength.

Press the self-adhesive disc and block magnets on well and let them set for some time, which allows the adhesive to bond long-term with the surface.

Self-adhesive magnets are only suitable for indoor use.

High moisture can negatively affect the adhesive's performance, therefore you can expect a shorter life from the adhesive in the bathroom, kitchen or cellar.

Flexible Magnet Tape | 3M United States

3M Flexible Magnet Tape conforms easily to different surfaces and provides an alternative to stiffer magnet tapes.

Bendable. Bondable. Adaptable. Dependable.


3M Flexible Magnet Tape is built with a strong, yet very flexible polymer composite.

3M Flexible Magnet Tape holds fast around sharp curves, twists, and irregular surfaces without popping off.

Backed by a strong adhesive, our flexible magnet tape will attach nearly any material to a metal surface.

Additionally, the flexible tape's ability to conform to odd surfaces expands its range of applications far beyond those associated with traditional stiff magnet strips.

Strong Neodymium Disc Magnets with 3M Adhesive

1/4 x 1/16 Inch Neodymium Rare Earth Disc Magnets N48 with 3M Self-Adhesive (72 Pack)

total element strong neodymium disc magnets with 3M adhesive are best for attaching magnets onto paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, fabric, rubber and other non-magnetic surfaces.

$ 12.99 USD

That’s why our powerful disc magnets with strong 3M adhesive are often used in arts, crafts, scrapbooking, model building, woodworking, and cabinetry;

for hanging artwork, signs, and banners;

and as hidden closures in doors, cabinets, chests, folders, brochures, books, binders, boxes, menus, and another packaging.

Closures can involve a pair of magnets with the adhesive on opposing poles or one magnet and a steel disc.

Super Strong Adhesive-Backed Magnets from ALB Magnetics

Adhesive Backed Disc Magnets

• 3M 486 adhesive backing for best adhesion

• Quick-release tab for fast and effective liner removal

• Strongest magnet material available

• Maximum operating temperature 80°C

Neodymium (rare earth) NdFeB adhesive-backed disc magnets

Neodymium (rare earth) or NdFeB adhesive-backed disc magnets are round coin-shaped magnets of varying diameter and thickness which have an adhesive-backed layer on one pole.

The adhesive layer is a 3M adhesive with a protective backing strip - simply remove the protective backing strip and press the adhesive-backed Neodymium disc magnets onto the item you want to adhere to.

The adhesive layer is placed on one magnetic pole.

So a North described adhesive-backed NdFeB disc magnet has the magnetic North pole visible and the magnetic South pole has the adhesive backing.

A South described adhesive-backed Neodymium disc magnet has the magnetic South pole visible and the magnetic North pole has the adhesive backing.


Using the Adhesive Backed Neodymium Magnets to Attract a Ferromagnetic Surface

When using the magnets to attract a ferromagnetic surface (such as mild steel), either type of NdFeB adhesive-backed disc magnet can be used (you could use all Souths or all Norths or even a combination - it does not matter).

Sometimes, if the magnets are spaced apart near enough to each other, you could consider using alternate Norths and Souths as this may possibly give a small boost to performance (because the magnets interact is a positive way, attracting and pulling the fields around each other).

A North version of a Neodymium adhesive-backed disc magnet will have the same performance as a same-sized South version of the NdFeB adhesive-backed disc magnet.

The Neodymium magnets will attract or repel each other depending on how the magnets are placed relative to each other.

For attraction, you need a North pole face on one magnet directed to a South pole face on the other magnet (following the magnetic rule of unlike poles attract).

If a North faces another North or a South faces another South you have like poles which means repulsion.

In some applications the magnet is hidden (e.g.

the magnet has adhered to the card which is then folded over to hide the magnet away which results in the magnet pole being turned over as well).

So knowing how you want the magnets placing in the final assembly could affect the polarity you need for your magnets.

Such NdFeB adhesive backed disc magnets are very popular with the printing, packaging and arts and crafts industries as well as for use in the office and at home.

The NdFeB adhesive backed disc magnets are axially magnetised (the thickness of the disc is the distance between the North and South circular pole faces - the magnet is magnetised along the central axis).

Adhesive Backed Nickel Plated Neodymium Disc Magnets

The Neodymium adhesive backed disc magnets are usually nickel plated as standard.

Other coatings may be possible epoxy.

Other grades may also be possible.

We can supply custom magnets.

But please be aware that the adhesive layer has a performance limit - if the NdFeB adhesive backed disc magnet gets too big then the magnetic pull may become more powerful than the adhesive pull.

Please also be aware that the adhesive layer will work well with the card, steel, and paper, etc but may not perform so well with some of the plastics.

If the plastic has a very smooth or oily texture to it, the adhesive may struggle to hold on to the plastic longer term (roughening the texture to provide more binding surface area may assist but is not guaranteed).

We suggest testing on your plastic before using mass production.

If you are in any doubt about the choice of the magnet, its size or need technical assistance, please contact us.

And if you need a quotation for higher quantities or a custom magnet shape, please contact us .

If you need magnets for higher temperature applications see our range of Alnico magnets .

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