Arc Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 04/01/2020

arc magnets

Arc Magnets

Neodymium Arc & Wedge Rare Earth Magnets

Super Strong Rare Earth Neodymium Arc & Wedge Magnets

Better performance than 2x1x1/2" magnets 22.5-degree wedge magnets 16 magnets form 8" OD x 4" ID x 1/4" ring High-performance wind generator magnets Grade N42 magnets Magnetized through-thickness.

Price Range: $9.15 - $9.99

22.5-degree wedge magnet.

16 magnets form 8" OD x 4" ID x 1/2" ring N42 wind generator magnet Magnetized through-thickness.

Price Range: $15.75 - $16.99

Strong 22.5 degree Wedge Magnet N42 16 magnets form 12" OD x 6" ID x 1/2 Ring Magnetized through-thickness.

Price Range: $26.55 - $28.99

Strong 22.5 degree Wedge Magnet N42 Magnetized through-thickness.

Price Range: $24.89 - $30.99

N42SH High Temp DC motor magnets High performance Magnetized through the diameter.

Price Range: $3.59 - $3.99

N42SH 90 degrees DC motors magnets Magnetized through the diameter.

Price Range: $5.45 - $5.99

customized permanent arc neodymium motor electric magnet

45-degree curve - High Temp DC Motor Magnets Magnetized through the diameter.

Price Range: $5.65 - $7.59

ALB Magnets offers the strongest magnets and neodymium magnets for sale at factory-direct prices.

We are a magnet wholesaler and retailer so when you buy from us you really are buying direct.

Do not be fooled by our low prices on magnets and wind turbines.

These are factory direct prices.

We are committed to offering excellent performing, high-quality strong neodymium magnets & industrial magnets, flexible magnetic materials, ceramic magnetic materials, SmCo Samarium Cobalt magnetic materials, and AlNiCo magnetic materials.

Arc Magnets

Arc magnets are a unique shape that is designed especially for motors, generators, and alternators and are commonly used for both rotors and stators.

Arc Segment

They are also used in magnetic flywheel assemblies.

In motor design, a ring of magnets with alternating polarities on the inner radius rotates in close proximity to a number of copper coils.

As the copper passes through the magnetic fields an electric current is induced within the copper.

You can read more about electric motors in our blog.

Four or more magnets with an equal number of north and south polarity on the inner radius can be used to create a multi-pole ring.

All arc magnets are available with either pole on the inner radius.

Arc Magnets

customized permanent arc neodymium magnet

Arc segment or tile magnets are commonly used in electric motors and generators.

They also have uses where a magnet needs to be formed around a cylinder.

We carry a limited selection of arc segment magnets but can manufacture custom sized magnets to order.

Neodymium Arc Magnets for Motor

Working Temperature: 80ºC - 220ºC

Price: The more quantity, the better price

Main Application: Motor, Generator, Wind Turbine, etc.

Arc magnets can be seen as a part of ring magnets or disc magnets.

Sometimes arc magnets are called segment magnets.

Neodymium arc magnets are mostly used in electronic machines, equipment, permanent magnet motors, generators, rotors, stators, couplings, wind turbines, and other applications.

These products will generate a lot of heat and energy in high speed running.

So the built-in arc magnets have to withstand high temperature in operating.

Neodymium Arc Magnets- Rare Earth arc Magnets Supplier
NdFeB arc segment motor magnet for generators

We carry a large inventory of Neodymium Arc Magnets, available in a wide range of sizes and grades, not all of which are shown on this website.

Neodymium (Neo or NdFeb) magnets are permanent magnets, and part of the rare-earth magnet family.

Neo magnets have the highest magnetic properties and are the most powerful commercially available magnets today.

Because of their magnetic strength, neodymium disc magnets are the preferred choice for many consumer, commercial and technical applications. Arc magnets are typically used in voice coil motor, permanent magnet motors, generators, and torque couplings.

Looking for a certain size? Please visit Arc to see different sizes of magnets! If you require a specific size that is not available on our website, please contact us for a custom magnet quote.

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