Products Information from Item Number

Products Information from Item Number

ALB Materials supply high quality Neodymium Magnets with competitive price for over 10 years.

The item number gives most part information of the magnets. You can also search item number easily to find a magnet. The full item number contains Company, Shape, Size, Grade and Other properties.

Take item number ALB-D42SH for example:

ALB - D 4 2 SH
Company - Shape: Disc Diameter: 1/4” Thickness: 1/8” Grade: N42SH

The symbol in item number:

Company - Shape Size Grade Other

D: Disc
B: Block
R: Ring
S: Sphere
A: Arc

1: 1/16"
2: 1/8”
3: 3/16"
4: 1/4”
5: 5/16"
6: 3/8”
7: 7/16"
8: 1/2”
9: 9/16"
A: 5/8”
B: 11/16"
C: 3/4”
D: 13/16"
E: 7/8”
F: 15/16"
X0: 1”
X1: 1 1/16”
X4: 1 1/4”
X8: 1 1/2”
Y0: 2”
Z0: 3”
ZX0: 4”

if not specified: Grade N42
SH: Grade N42SH
N52: Grade N52
N35: Grade N35
N38: Grade N38
N40: Grade N40
N45: Grade N45
N48: Grade N48
N50: Grade N50
N52: Grade N52

DIA: Magnetization Direction is Diametrical
S: magnetized with the south pole on the countersunk side.
N: magnetized with the north pole on the countersunk side.
P: Pair, one will have the north pole on the countersink side and one will have the south pole on the countersink side
CS: countersunk
DCS: countersunk on both sides
PUR: Plastic-Rubber Coated
MM: Mounting Magnets

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providing you with reliable N35, N38, N42, N52, N42SH and other grade super neodymium magnets and SmCo rare earth magnets.

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