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Neodymium Magnets 11/28/2019

  You have heard about magnets fishing and want to try it, but which magnet fishing magnets should you buy, and which rope is the best for magnet fishing? On this page, you can get all the answers, and luckily magnet fishing is not an expensive hobby.

  You only need two things to have the basics.

  First, you need a strong magnet with a hole in it, I suggest that it can pull at least 50 kg/ 110 lbs the other thing you need is a rope.

50kg/ 110lbs fishing magnets

  Rope for magnet fishing has to have a tensile strength of at least the same as your magnet.

  ALBMagnets US ALBMagnets UK The best magnet 1000 lb magnet 580 kg magnet 660 lb double-sided magnet 300 kg double-sided magnet The best rope 850 lb strong paracord 1000 kg rope 3.

ALBMagnets US ALBMagnets UK The best magnet 1000 lb magnet 580 kg

  3kN climbing rope 385kg paracord The best starter kit The best starter kit 1,200 lb magnet, rope and carry box 350 kg double-sided + rope and gloves 330 lb magnet + rope (Cheap) 160 kg magnet + rope 881 lb magnet and rope 500kg magnet + rope Are You From The Magnet Fishing UK Community, Click Here! To get more information about the magnets, the rope and my current 390 kg/860 lbs strong magnet rig, continue to read on this page, otherwise, you might want to see my best catches here or you can join my Facebook group and share your own catches here.

1,200 lb magnet, rope and carry box 350 kg

  One of my magnets You need a strong magnet you are able to attach the rope to.

  I did the beginner mistake and thought that a 110 lbs / 50 kg magnet was more than enough to start with.

  To be honest, it couldn't lift that much and I lost many things.

  Therefore, I highly advise you to buy a strong magnet even though it is your first one.

  Just remember, that to be able to use the magnet for magnet fishing, it should have a hole or an eye.

  Share your findings in this FB group: Where to buy large magnets in the U.S.

More powerful magnets you can customize

  If you live in the United States I have collected four very strong magnets from ALBMagnets below:

  This Crazy 500 lbs magnetic 375 lbs badass this 250 lbs magnetic 100 lbs magnet? Where to buy large magnets in the UK and the rest of Europe? If you live in the UK or the rest of Europe, I have collected four very nice magnets from ALBMagnets below:

this 250 lbs magnetic

  This 300 kg strong really nice magnet (the UK only, sorry)This 160kg strong beauty This 130 kg strong badass This 90 kg strong magnet This 60 kg strong magnet The large magnet I have is similar to this magnet (This is better :D) This one is able to lift approximately 110 kg / 242 lbs and weighs 270 grams.

This 300 kg strong really nice magnet

  For tips and tricks when you go magnet fishing, visit this page.

  Depending on the magnet you have you need some rope.

  First time I was fishing with small magnets I used a fishing line that had a tensile / breaking strength of 6 kg.

  But if you have a 110 kg strong magnet, a fishing line is useless in the fight of a heavy object, unless it is a really strong line!!! The white rope you can see in the picture is just a normal clothesline.

110 kg strong magnet

  and up to this day I haven't caught anything which caused it to break.

  When I go magnet fishing, I use that rope of the weakest magnet I have, which can carry 55 kg / 110 lbs The black and orange rope you see is Paracord.

  It is a nylon rope used for parachuting.

  It has a minimum tensile / breaking strength of 550 lbs ~ 250 kg.

550 lbs ~ 250 kg

  It has a core of 7 strands which makes it extremely strong and durable.

  I bought 2 x 100 ft.

  As you can see I have divided the orange rope into 2 x 50 ft because I often fish in shallow waters.

  The colors don't matter at all, but I think the orange rope is easier to find if it breaks at you have to dive into the water to retrieve your magnet.

  This braided Honeywell Spectra line has a tensile strength of more than a 1000 lb, almost no stretch and is UV resistant.

  It is actually designed for spearguns so it is made for water and is cut and abrasion-resistant as well.

  Read More Here This Paracord is 300 lb stronger than the normal Paracord and is made by a US government certified contractor.

  Paracord has a low weight compared to its high strength.

fishing with powerful magnets

  At the same time, the rope cannot rot, which means it is perfect for use in water.

  Read More Here This very strong climbing rope is designed to hold people up to 300 kg / 660 lbs and has a tensile strength of 15 KN which is equal to more than 3 million pounds.

  The rope is thicker than the other two, and you will, therefore, have a better grip on your rope when pulling up heavy treasures.

heavy machine fish caught

  Read More Here BEWARE some people on the subreddit, magnet fishing, says, that you should not use paracord at all.

  To that, I disagree.

  They say it doesn't hold because the knots make the rope weak.

  I have used paracord for magnet fishing in more than three years now, and I have NEVER broken the paracord.

  You can be unlucky with any rope you buy.

  If you do not want to use paracord, I suggest you go with the climbing rope.

  So the 110 kg strong magnet is fine.

historical relics

  But the setup/rig was just not strong enough to use for magnet fishing.

  Yeah, I have caught a lot of funny stuff, but I have struggled and lost lots of heavy things the many times I have been going out to magnet fish.
  Therefore I decided to try and make a stronger rig, which would enable me to get heavier things up from the bottom of the lakes.
  Then I bought three countersunk magnets, 3 bolts and 3 lifting eyes with a thread that suited the bolts.
  Then I drilled the holes and placed the magnet.
  Shortened the bolts, put them through, and attached the lifting eyes. And then I was done.
  I decided to leave the handle on since I can use it to throw out the magnet fishing rig, and grab the handle when something heavy comes up attached to the pan.
  Below, you can see pictures of my rig, hope you enjoy it.
  Want to make your own rig? Then I recommend you buy a couple of these magnets:
  US link for 405 lbs magnet here Europe link for 139kg magnet here Magnet fishing.

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