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Bulk Magnets For Sale

Neodymium Magnets 07/10/2020

bulk magnets for sale

Bulk Magnets For Sale

Bulk Magnets

Many people find themselves in the position of needing to buy a large number of magnetic objects at frequent intervals.

This is where our bulk discount comes to good use!

At ALB Magnetics you are able to purchase a higher quantity for a lower price per item.

Once your order over a certain amount of one product, you pay a lower price per individual item.

Buy in bulk and save! Instead of buying small amounts of magnets frequently, buy many in one go and save a considerable amount of money.

Choose from our range of Rare Earth Neodymium, Ferrite, Alnico, and Samarium magnets.

There are no products matching the selection.

Choose Bulk Magnets

ALB Magnets can provide bulk magnets for use in schools, or as components in private label products.

You’ll find a much wider selection here than from most wholesale bulk magnets suppliers, plus award-winning products for use in crafts, games, or lessons.

Before You Buy Bulk Magnets Elsewhere

Take a look at what ALB has to offer.

Our bulk magnet products include magnetic toys, games, educational products, craft materials, and more.

n40 60x16x12mm sintered rare earth permanent strong

We stand behind our excellence in quality and service.

Strong Neodymium Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets

ALB Magnetics - Incredibly strong neodymium magnets at affordable prices. The large variety of stock rare earth magnets available.

Grade N52 Neodymium magnets are strong! Be sure to read our safety page before ordering!

Looking for a certain size? Use our magnet summary page to sort, search, and compare different sizes of magnets!

bulk magnets for sale

Choose a magnet supplier with experience in large scale commercial applications and small, personal projects. Get the best value for your investment today.

$300.00 Buy Direct From the Manufacturer

Our manufacturing facility is set up for the most efficient process- minimizing turnaround time and enabling us to meet your tightest deadlines.

We stock a wide range of rare earth magnets for all uses.

Select from neodymium or samarium permanent magnets the most powerful magnetic materials available.

Ceramic, a corrosion-resistant material, is the most popular material choice for most applications.

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes-round, square, and bar, as small as a ¼ inch and as large as 6 inches, or request your custom requirements.

Alnico, composed of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt, is well known for its temperature stability and is very reliable in high-temperature applications.

Choose from cylindrical, bar, and disc-shaped options.

Our flexible strip and flexible sheet options allow you to choose from dozens of stock specifications or request a custom design for your unique application of flexible magnetic sheets or strips.

216 512 5mm magnetic ball

These are commonly used in displays and signage.

For more heavy-duty requirements, we stock electromagnets that can pull as much as 1100 lbs (and can custom manufacture for even greater strength).

Or for mounting and holding applications, you can select from a wide range of channel magnets, from tiny to large, to cover your range of uses.

View our large inventory, including everything from large permanent magnets to tiny magnets.

Neodymium Magnets For Sale: Wholesale & Bulk Supplier

ALB is a top supplier and manufacturer of Neodymium Magnets in the USA. Custom orders, wholesale pricing, & large & small orders.

Automotive starters

Neo Magnet Grades

Neodymium magnets are graded according to their magnetic strength.

The higher the grade (number) the stronger the magnet.

The letter or two letters that may follow the number indicate the Intrinsic Coercivity (Hci) of the material.

The higher the Hci, the higher the temperature the material can be exposed to before the magnet will start to show permanent losses in output.

This is what links the letter or letters to a temperature rating.

More Reading: Neodymium Magnet Material Grades

The current range of Neodymium Iron Boron magnets is as follows:

disc super strong permanent ndfeb magnet 30x10mm

N27, N30, N33, N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48, N50, N52, N30M, N33M, N35M, N38M, N40M, N42M, N45M, N48M, N50M, N30H, N33H, N35H, N38H, N40H, N42H, N45H, N48H, N30SH, N33SH, N35SH, N38SH, N40SH, N42SH, N45SH, N28UH, N30UH, N33UH, N35UH, N38UH, N40UH, N28EH, N30EH, N33EH, N35EH, N38EH, N33VH/AH.

Rare Earth Magnets create hazards not seen with other types of magnets.

When handled improperly, they can pose serious dangers.

Even small Neodymium magnets are strong enough to cause injuries to body parts pinched between two magnets.

Magnets allowed to strike each other with enough force will chip and shatter the brittle material.

Best Customize NdFeB Magnet Manufacturer In USA

ALB is one of the leading Magnet Manufacturers in the USA for 10 years. support customizes magnet and accepts Retail, Wholesale & Bulk Magnets for sale.

View our wide selection of neodymium magnet products, big size magnet, special shape magnet are available.

ALB: Your Best Custom Neodymium Magnet Supplier

ALB support customizes magnet and accepts Retail, Wholesale & Bulk Magnets for sale.

ALB offers the strongest Neodymium magnets, Grade N35, N38, N42, N45, N48, N50 & N52 which are the most popular Strong Rare Earth Magnets on the market. The alloy of three elements NdFeB(Neodymium, Iron, Boron) joined together creates these strong Neodymium Magnets. People like calling them “Rare Earth Magnet” “Neodymium Magnet” “Neo Magnets” or “Earth Magnets”.

Because neodymium magnets are the most popular rare earth group for sale today and can be made in many shapes, Block, Ball, Bar, Stick, Sheet, Coil, Strip, and can be custom other strange shapes.


When you need custom neodymium magnets.

We are here. We have the ability to offer our customer custom neodymium magnets.

Any shape magnet you require, we will do our best to save time and cost to complete it.

20mm 15mm 5mm neodymium magnet magnetic ball

If you want to buy a fishing magnet or magnetic roll separators.

We can help you. Welcome send us your sketch, we will review it and reply to you ASAP.

Specified Requirements

Come to ALB with your specified requirements such as neodymium magnet usage, material, size, coating, order quantities for a no-obligation quotation.

Tailored Solution

We will reply to your inquiry within an hour during working hours or 6 hours on holidays with tailored solutions & quotations for your purchasing, payment, logistic, etc.

Sincere Partnership

We treasure every customer and committed to offering high-quality magnets at a low-profit rate, all our quotations are the last price, so our partner can focus on the local market without worrying about quality and higher purchasing costs.

ALB Strong Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets, Your source for the best neodymium magnets.

ALB manufactures a wide variety of strong high-quality neodymium rare earth magnets.

Located outside Denver, Colorado, we stock more than 20 million individual magnets in hundreds of different sizes, shapes, and strengths.

In addition, we can custom-make almost any size magnet to fit your needs.

We also offer free same-day shipping on domestic orders over $300, wholesale/bulk discounts, exceptional customer service.

As a leading supplier of affordable, high-performance neodymium (NdFeB) magnets, we’re proud to serve tens-of-thousands of retail and wholesale customers worldwide: ranging from hobbyists to large-scale manufacturers, and Fortune 500 companies to renowned universities.

So no matter what your job requires – let us help you find the right magnet for your needs.

hard ferrite magnetic hooks assembly

Wholesale magnets


Looking for wholesale magnets? stocks over 10,000,000 magnets.

We offer competitive wholesale prices.

If you need wholesale, large quantity magnets please contact a member of our technical sales and support team.

Whether you are looking for a large quantity of a particular size or looking to re-sell magnets to your customers, we are sure we can help achieve your goal.

With over 10,000,000 magnets ready for immediate dispatch and industry knowledge we will understand your requirements quickly and provide you with an extremely competitive price.

It is no wonder that we are now a leading wholesale supplier of magnets in the USA & Europe.

Bulk Magnets | Bulk Magnets Online | Custom Wholesale Magnets

Custom Magnets for Your Business, Vehicle or Event offers high-quality, low-cost Made in USA custom magnets for your business, school, car, or event.

We custom design and manufacture promotional refrigerator magnets, save the date magnets, business card magnets, and car magnets!

Welcome to ALB Magnets where we sell strong magnets for less.

One category of strong magnets that we have in stock is a whole line of ceramic magnets.

Our ceramic magnets are high in demand and are highly versatile.

These have been used in many an industry and with a high success rate.

customized permanent arc neodymium motor electric magnet

You can never go wrong with our huge assortment of ceramic magnets.

From inducers, electromagnets and transformers magnets have been used in everything.

We stock both ceramic blocks and rings for whatever projects you need them for.

Browse our site for the most comprehensive selection of ceramic magnets on the web.

Look through our picture gallery to find the product you are looking for and we will deliver it to you.

Many materials have unpaired electron spins, and the majority of these materials are paramagnetic.

When the spins interact with each other in such a way that the spins align spontaneously, the materials are called ferromagnetic (what is often loosely termed as "magnetic").

Due to the way their regular crystalline atomic structure causes their spins to interact, some metals are (Ferro)magnetic when found in their natural states, as ores.

These include iron ore (magnetite or lodestone), cobalt, and nickel, as well as the rare earth metals gadolinium and dysprosium (when at a very low temperature).

Such naturally occurring (Ferro)magnets were used in the first experiments with magnetism.

Technology has since expanded the availability of magnetic materials to include various manmade products, all based, however, on naturally magnetic elements.

Not only do we have a collection of ceramic magnets but we also have a large range of Neodymium Magnets as well.

These magnets are very robust in relation to their size.

Popular with industries and hobbyists.

Neodymium magnets are used in a wide variety of applications.

customized neodymium magnetic tube 12000 gauss bar

From hard drives to headphones to loudspeakers these magnets have seen it all.

Ceramic Magnets or ferrite

Ceramic magnets, or ferrite, are made of a sintered composite of powdered iron oxide and barium/strontium carbonate ceramic.

Due to the low cost of the materials and manufacturing methods, inexpensive Ceramic magnets of various shapes can be easily mass-produced.

The resulting Ceramic magnets are noncorroding, but brittle and must be treated like other ceramics.

Neodymium-iron-boron (NIB)

Neodymium magnets also referred to as neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets, have the highest magnetic field strength, but are inferior to samarium cobalt in resistance to oxidation and temperature.

This type of magnet has traditionally been expensive, due to both the cost of raw materials and licensing of the patents involved.

This high cost limited their use to applications where such high strengths from a compact magnet are critical.

The use of protective surface treatments such as gold, nickel, zinc, and tin plating and epoxy resin coating can provide corrosion protection where required.

Beginning in the 1980s, NIB magnets have increasingly become less expensive.

Even tiny neodymium magnets are very powerful and have important safety considerations. At ALB Magnets you will get the best possible price on these Neodymium magnets.

All you have to do is just browse and choose from our huge selection and we will do the rest.

Nonetheless, our neodymium magnets come in many different shapes and sizes.

From blocks, cubes, spheres, cylinders to arcs and rings;

we here on our website offer it all.

wedge neodymium magnet n42 sector arc magnets

We can supply you with our neodymium magnets better than the other suppliers out there.

Powerful Ceramic Magnets

Also known as ferrite magnets, these powerful discs work well for small and medium-sized projects.

The best-selling sizes of discs (1/2”, 3/4”, and 1”) are made from the highest grade of ceramic magnet material available, giving them unbeatable pull strength!

Ceramic Discs 1/2” dia. x 3/16” thick. (10 pcs.), MSRP $1.73

Ceramic Discs 3/4” dia. x 3/16” thick. (8 pcs.), MSRP $1.72

Ceramic Discs 1” dia. x 5/32” thick. (6 pcs.), MSRP $1.73

Ceramic Discs 3/8” dia. x 1/8” thick. (15 pcs.), MSRP $1.52

Ceramic Discs 1-1/2” dia. x 3/16” thick. (2 pcs.) multiple poles, magnetic on one side only. MSRP $1.72

Neodymium Magnets - Wholesale neodymium magnets

Shopping online at ALB is great because you can most likely find everything that you want.

There are many online neodymium magnets wholesalers that offer best quality neodymium magnets.

With all you need and all you want, from neodymium magnets to other peripheral items.

Browse through our category-defining neodymium magnets products in a simple, secure, and faster way.

We provide USA top Magnets, Fasteners & Hardware, Industrial Supplies & MRO, Office & School & Business & Industrial suppliers for you.

You can shop a huge selection of 1023 neodymium magnets, from dresses to jeans to neodymium magnets pack, on sale at

Just follow the instructions to get some discounts of neodymium magnet, neodymium magnets.

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