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5x1 N48 Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 02/19/2020

5x1 n48 magnets

Neodymium Block magnet 5 x 5 x 1 mm, N48, gold-plated, neodymium Magnets, super magnets.

5X1 N48 Magnets

Block magnet 5 x 5 x 1 mm

Neodymium, N48, gold-plated

Ask for a rebate from 1 200 pcs.

promptly deliverable

Delivery time: 1 - 45 business days

We produced this magnet, especially for the CDROM model airplane engine do-it-your-self.

Heat-resistant up to 80 degrees Celsius.

Naturally, there are lots of other uses for this small gold-plated magnet.

It holds, for example, 2-3 pieces of A4 paper.

It looks really nice when 2-4 magnets are used to hold up some paper.

A very discreet thickness of only 1 mm.

Technical data

5 x 5 x 1 mm

This piece of a modified model airplane motor was designed by Claude Jäggi.

He used 12 magnets for this.

Here is a photo of rotor and stator by Reto Probst and Roland Sterchi, who have built numerous engines together (see also the next photo.)

More airplane engines by Reto and Roland.

Magne Solheim from Norway sent us this photo.

He has already successfully re-configured a dozen CD-ROM motors.

5X1 N48 Magnets

1.5 x 1/2 x 1/4 Inch Neodymium Rare Earth

total element neodymium block magnets: 1 1/2" width x 1/2" length x 1/4" thick. 1/4 Inch Neodymium Rare Earth Double Countersunk Block Magnets N48

All orders $10000+ ship free within the United States.

1.5 x 1/2 x 1/4 Inch Neodymium Rare Earth Double Countersunk Block Magnets N48 (4 Pack) $1399

Cubicle Labs 3x3 Magnet Kit

Strong Magnets: This kit contains 5x1 N48 magnets.

$5.09 - ‎In stock

2020 - By popular demand, the Cubicle Labs 3x3 Magnet Kit is now available for purchase!

If there are other items in your cart you would prefer to ship sooner, please order them separately.

The Alb magnets 3x3 Magnet Kit is now available for purchase! Each Magnet Kit contains 50 magnets, 1.5mL of polyurethane glue in a syringe, 2 green dispensing tips, and 2 Cubicle Labs Magnetic Logos.

Once installed, these magnets will give your cube a snappy, tactile feeling.

Manufacturer: albmagnets

D2.5x1.5mm - N48 Neodym Disc Magnet - NiCuNi

Magnet Calculator

Click here to go to our Repelling Force Magnet Calculator that shows the repelling force generated between two same-sized magnets.

Many online calculators we've seen determine pull forces based on a theoretical calculation of the flux density.

With a few assumptions, flux density (in Gauss) can be related to the expected pull force.

Unfortunately, this simplification often fails to match experimentally measured data.

This page calculates expected pull forces based on extensive product testing.

The Surface Field data is only valid for points along the center axis of the magnet and assumes a single magnet in free space.

All dimensions and distances must be in decimal format.

permanent super strong neodymium magnet for industry

Fractional inches will not calculate correctly.

This calculator only considers discs, cylinders, and rings that are magnetized along the cylindrical axis.

While ALB Magnetics offers diametrically magnetized discs, this calculator does not apply to them.

This calculator is currently a beta version and is intended only for reference.

Magnets thread

I used N48 5x1 magnets I got from ALB Magnets. This is, no doubt, THE BEST CUBE I'VE EVER MADE of all 50+

Just thought I'd share a few findings with the group on all the GTS2 cubes I've magnetized thus far, nine of them.

To cut to the chase, so far the best magnet IMO is the N48 5mm x 1mm.

WHEW!!!! Best cube I've ever made.

Of course, I'll continue to experiment with a couple of other magnets.

Anyway, here's what I added to my youtube tutorial video on making the GTS2 M.

I give the prototype number, the magnet used, where I got the magnets, then finally a few notes on each cube:


#1. N35 4x1.7 (their "4x2" is slightly undersized)

#2. (same as above, but stickerless)

#3. N38 4x2

#5. N38 4x2 (center magnetized)

#6. N52 5x1 (my first 5x1 cube)

#7. N35 4x2

#9. (same as #8)


magnetic assemblies durable permanent generator wind magnet

#1 and 2, both feel pretty much the same.

Theoretically, the stickerless version may feel just slightly stronger as the black plastic of the stickered version uses pigments that contain iron.

The 4x2 magnets from magnets365 are slightly undersized, and if you like a light magnetic feel, these are excellent in this cube.

#3. Using an N38 4x2 gives a strong magnetic pull force feel.

Personally, I wouldn't use anything stronger than this.

if you prefer to feel the magnets or have an aggressive solve style, this magnet is perfect.

Though the magnets feel strong, the cube's performance is still great.

#4. I tried N42 4x2 to see how they'd feel.

Some people may actually like the magnets this strong, but I believe most people would not like this feel.

Again, the cube remains smooth and performance is good, but this is a strong magnet, and thus, the magnets are obviously felt.

Only use this magnet if you like the utmost in magnetic feel.

#5. This cube was another experiment.

I wanted to try magnetizing from the centers to the edge pieces.

Unfortunately, despite the somewhat strong strength from the N38 4x2 magnets, this project was a failure.

The magnets were not strong enough to make any noticeable difference, and actually, they cannot be felt at all.

In addition, I'd never recommended this method of magnetization as there is just too much that can go wrong when you're gluing magnets in such tight, enclosed, places.

#6. My first 5x1 magnet 3x3.

Using 5x1 magnets is an innovation of Chris Tran.

Here, I used N52 5x1 magnets from Gaussboys.

The overall magnetic pull force strength feels much like the N38 4x2 does, so it's on the stronger end of magnetic cube strength.

This cube has promise, and if you like a stronger magnetic feel, it's worth trying out.

neodymium block 19mm 10mm 7mm n35 ndfeb

About the 5x1 magnets- the added width expands, somewhat, the magnetic field.

This imparts a slightly "mushier" bump.

It's a bit hard to describe, but the bump feels less apparent.

This (the 5x1 magnet) is very well worth trying out in other cubes as the effects of it are so good.

You can watch this prototype cube being reviewed in Jay Lewis's video, here:

Jay is an awesome cuber worth checking out!

#7. Though an N35 4x2 cube, this one is a little stronger than my other N35 cubes because unlike my other N35 4x2 (which actually measure, 4x1.7), these magnets are full spec and actually do measure 4x2.

I think for people preferring a medium magnetic pullforce strength, this is an excellent magnet.

Magnets vary from one manufacturer to another, so other people's N35's might feel a little more subtle than this one.

If you like a medium subtle magnet, the magnets365 magnets are good.

And again, for a medium magnetic pullforce strength, the N35 4x2 from Gaussboys is the way to go.

#8 & 9. Here, in my latest GTS2 M, I used N48 5x1 magnets I got from Apex Magnets.

This is, no doubt, THE BEST CUBE I'VE EVER MADE of all 50+ cubes I've magnetized thus far.

This is an awesome cube and the N48 5x1 feels like nothing else I've ever used.

I literally got chills when I first turned this cube.

Yes, it's that good.

In my opinion, this is the best magnet for this cube so far.

The magnetic pullforce feel is just slightly weaker than an N35 4x2.

I'll continue to experiment using N35 5x1 magnets when they come in, and possibly some N42 and N45 5x1 magnets.

Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets available.

They usually have a maximum operating temperature of 80C unless they are specifically made for a higher operating temperature.

The uses of Neodymium magnets are very varied but care must be taken because they are brittle, do not flex and may jump together and break!

ring magnet 4-1,5x1mm Neodymium N48

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