1 Inch Cube Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 05/28/2021

1-inch cube neodymium magnets

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ALB Magnets 1" neodymium cube

Item No.: ALB-BX0X0X0

Rare Earth 1 Inch Cube Neodymium Magnet for Sale

BX0X0X0 Neodymium Magnets, 1 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch thick


  • NdFeB, Grade N42
  • Dimension: 1" x 1" x 1" thick
  • Pull force: 76.41 lbs
BX0X0X0-N52 Neodymium Magnets, 1 inch x 1 inch x 1 inch thick


  • NdFeB, Grade N52
  • Dimension: 1" x 1" x 1" thick
  • Pull force: 94.60 lbs

ALB Rare Earth 1 Inch Cube Neodymium Magnet for Sale, Find details about ALB Block Magnet, Rectangle Magnet from Rare Earth 1 Inch Cube Neodymium Magnet.

N52 cube neodymium magnet one-inch cube rare earth magnet

Buy ALB Magnets N52 1" Cube Neodymium Magnet, One Inch Cube Rare Earth Magnet.

Features: the Strongest 1" Cube. 127.04 lbs Holding Power with Direct Touch and Direct Pull.

Made of Neodymium Magnet, with 6451 Gauss

BEST COATING AVAILABLE: It is Coated with Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel) Triple Layer Coating For Increased Rust and Corrosion Resistance.

Product Dimensions: 1" x 1" x 1" thick (25.4mm x 25.4mm x 25.4mm thick) Weight: 4.34 oz. (122.9 g)

Description About the Product: This popular cube magnet has been used in countless applications and is renowned for its incredible strength despite its small form factor.

Applications: Stud finder, science projects and experiments, magnetic pick-up tool, home improvement, DIY projects, and many many more.

Product Specifications: ALB Magnets rare earth magnets are made of neodymium, which makes them up to 20 times stronger than ceramic magnets of equivalent size.

Neodymium magnets are extremely versatile because of their strength and can be used in a wide variety of applications ranging from holding things onto your fridge to the most demanding industrial applications.

This product measures 1" in length, 1" in width, and 1" in height and is made of neodymium, iron, and boron magnetic alloy blend.

This magnetic blend is patent licensed and made under the ISO 9001 quality control systems.

They are plated in a nickel-copper-nickel coating for a shiny corrosion-resistant finish.

The north and south poles are on opposite sides.

The pull force of each individual magnet is 127 lbs.

WARNING! 1. Since it is very powerful, it may pinch you very hard and cause serious injuries, so please wear a pair of THICK GLOVES and EYE PROTECTION when you handle it.

2. All magnets are brittle and will chip or shatter when they collide together or to a steel surface.

So keep it two feet apart from other magnets or steel items to avoid them snapping together and shatter! They come together very fast so be alerted always.

25x25x25mm magnetic square 1inch cube neodymium magnet

When applying it, hold it tightly and release it slowly to reduce the impact.

3. Keep it away from pacemakers and other objects that are sensitive to magnetic fields.

Keep it away from children of all ages.

About Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets (also known as rare earth, Neo, NIB, or NdFeB magnets) were invented in 1982 and are the strongest type of magnets.

Overview of the operating properties of NIB magnets.

There are two basic ways that NIB magnets are made: sintered and bonded.

Sintered NIB Magnets

Sintered NIB magnets have the highest strength but are limited to relatively simple geometries and can be brittle.

They are made by pressure forming the raw materials into blocks, which then go through a complex heating process.

The block is then cut to shape and coated to prevent corrosion.

Sintered magnets are typically anisotropic, which means they have a preference for the direction of their magnetic field.

10mm cube permanent magnet neodymium strong N52

Magnetizing a magnet against the “grain” will reduce the strength of the magnet by up to 50%.

Commercially available magnets are always magnetized in the preferred direction of magnetization.

Bonded NIB Magnets

Bonded NIB magnets are typically about half as strong as sintered magnets but are less expensive and can be made into almost any size and shape.

Raw materials are mixed with epoxy as a binder, pressed into a die cavity, and heat cured.

Bonded magnets are isotropic, which means they don’t have a “grain” or a natural preference for the direction of their magnetic field.


NIB magnets really are permanent magnets, as they lose their magnetism, or degauss naturally, at approximately 1% per century.

They generally operate within the temperature range of -215°F to 176°F (-138°C to 80°C).

For applications that require a broader temperature range, Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets are used.


Because uncoated sintered NIB will corrode and crumble with exposure to the atmosphere, they are sold with a protective coating.

hot selling neodymium magnetic block cube

The most common coating is made of nickel, though other commercially available coatings provide resistance to high temperature, high humidity, salt spray, solvents, and gases.


NIB magnets come in different grades, which correspond to the strength of their magnetic fields, ranging from N35 (weakest and least expensive) to N52 (strongest, most expensive, and more brittle).

An N52 magnet is approximately 50% stronger than an N35 magnet (52/35 = 1.49).

In the US, it is typical to find consumer-grade magnets in the N42 to N52 range.

In volume production, N35 is often used if size and weight are not a major consideration as it is less expensive.

If size and weight are critical factors, higher grades are typically used.

There is a premium on the price of the highest grade magnets so it is more common to see N42 and N48 magnets used in production versus N52.

Neodymium Cube Magnets

We offer a wide variety of cube magnets in a myriad of sizes for all of your hobby, do-it-yourself, and another home, workshop, or retail/industrial needs.

Our cube magnets have all of the same advantages as our other neodymium magnets and can offer numerous configuration advantages in your product manufacturing, product testing, product attachment, energy-generation, and other industrial applications.

Like our block magnets, cube magnets can also work as attachment devices, welding clamps, in oil pans to filter out metal chips, in remodeling to find studs, for fastening protective outdoor covers to cars, boats, bikes, and other equipment – as well as a plethora of other uses.

permanent magnet n52 neodymium 1inch cube magnets

Neodymium Magnet, Square, 1 x 1 inch

Product Description

Very strong (N35-N40) super-strong magnet square block with slightly rounded corners.

Plated with nickel.

The square is 1" x 1" and the thickness is 1/2".

N35=35 MGOe (Mega Gauss Oersted)= 3500 Tesla

Warning: Gloves and goggles are required when handling these magnets. Neodymium magnets should always be handled carefully.

Some that are slightly larger than the size of a penny are powerful enough to lift over 10 kilograms.

Neodymium magnets can severely pinch skin or fingers, or even break bones when suddenly attracted to a magnetic object.

Rare Earth Neodymium Block Cube & Bar Magnets

ALB cube, block, and bar magnets are crafted from the highest quality rare earth neodymium.

These magnets are utilized across a wide spectrum of industries for a multitude of uses.

magnets n35 n42 n52 neodymium cube magnets

To ensure longevity and maximum protection from corrosion, these magnets come triple-coated with a base and top finish layer of nickel, with a layer of copper in-between.


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Q: How long is your lead time?

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods or materials are in stock.

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Q: What's your MOQ?

A: We have no strict MOQ, if we can do, we will try our best to cooperate ;

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Q: What is your terms of payment?

A: Payment<=5000USD, 70% in advance.

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