Strong Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 03/23/2021

strong neodymium magnets

Strong Neodymium Magnets

The most powerful type of magnet ever known is the rare earth magnets.

These magnets are also fixed magnets.

They are mainly used for clean energies produced in the advanced technology industry.

If we need to give examples of clean energies;

wind turbine generators, electric vehicle engines are the most accurate examples.

Neodymium, also known as Neodymium, is a rare earth element.

What we call a neodymium magnet is a rare earth magnet.

Why Search For a Stronger Magnet?

Neodymium magnet, a rare earth magnet, is a type of magnet found in nature, as you might imagine.

Then why did we need a stronger magnet? First of all, 95% of rare earth is found in China.

After this information, if we say that the Chinese government stopped exporting rare earth in 2010, I think we will answer the question of why another alternative is being sought.

It is said that Iron Nitride is produced by combining Iron and Nitrogen.

What are the Advantages of Iron Nitride Magnet?

precision 3x1mm micro round neodymium magnet

First of all, Iron Nitride is more powerful than the Neodymium magnet (Neodymium magnet).

The costs of Nitrogen and Iron are very low compared to rare earth magnets.

It is possible to produce Iron Nitride Magnet with production techniques currently used.

Permanent magnet Iron Nitride magnets are environmentally compatible magnets.

They can be used in almost all areas where neodymium magnets are used.

In addition to the Iron Nitride magnet, there is another magnet that is more powerful than the permanent earth magnet.

Samarium Cobalt magnets.

Written as SmCo, it has a higher energy density than Neodymium magnet at high temperatures.

Nowadays, SmCo magnet can be used in almost every area where Neodymium magnet is used.

We’ve written the use of magnets in several places.

So, in which fields are these magnets used?

Application Areas of Magnets

Audio devices such as headphones and speakers have magnetic coils and magnets that convert electrical signals into sound.

In devices such as fans, magnets are used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Power plant generators are operated with magnets.

super strong neo power wedge wind generator

Magnets are used indoor seals to prevent air from outside devices such as freezers and refrigerators.

We have mentioned above the main uses of magnets.

However, as in many other sectors, magnets are being used in new sectors.

Strong Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

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strong round magnets

Is it possible to kill a human with a powerful magnet Physics Stack?

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Yes, it is most definitely possible, although the field strengths needed are very high.

The basic mechanism is that a strong magnetic field alters the Hamiltonian that defines atomic and molecular electron orbitals.

Simply put: a strong classical magnetic field makes the Hamiltonian anisotropic so that it depends on spatial direction (i.e. relative to the ambient strong classical field) and this radically alters chemical bond energies.

It should not be too hard to see that this anisotropy would wreak havoc with the reaction dynamics of the chemical processes that are essential to life.

It is estimated that the magnetic field of a Magnetar would be lethal to human life at distances up to $1000\ \mathrm{km}$ from the star.

But the statistics of these lethal fields are mind-boggling: for instance, the energy density $\frac{1}{2} \mu_0\, H^2$ (the $T_{0\,0}$ term in the stress-energy tensor) would be ten thousand times the total energy density of lead! That is, it would be equivalent to about one hundred thousand tonnes of matter per cubic meter! From the Wikipedia article:

Magnetars are characterized by their extremely powerful magnetic fields of $10^8$ to $10^{11}$ tesla.

These magnetic fields are hundreds of millions of times stronger than any man-made magnet, and quadrillions of times more powerful than the field surrounding Earth.

Earth has a geomagnetic field of 30–60 microteslas, and a neodymium-based, rare-earth magnet has a field of about 1.25 tesla, with a magnetic energy density of $4.0\times10^5\ \mathrm{J/m^3}$.

A magnetar's $10^{10}$ tesla field, by contrast, has an energy density of $4.0\times10^{25}\ \mathrm{J/m^3}$, with an $E/c^2$ mass density ${>}10^4$ times that of lead.

The magnetic field of a magnetar would be lethal even at a distance of $1000\ \mathrm{km}$ due to the strong magnetic field distorting the electron clouds of the subject's constituent atoms, rendering the chemistry of life impossible...

At a more Earthly level: high magnetic fields of hundreds of milli tesla (i.e. a few tenths of a tesla) can be lethal to people with certain kinds of prostheses.

These days prostheses wherever possible are made of nonferromagnetic material but in the past, there have been deaths of people e.g.

imaged by NMR machines with early, ferromagnetic pacemakers, or with ferromagnetic clips in the brain to shore up vascular aneurysms there.

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the strongest magnet in the world

A Tiny Magnet Just Created the World’s Strongest Magnetic Field

A milestone that "could potentially do for magnets what silicon has done for electronics."

Big Attraction

Scientists at the Florida State University-based National High Magnetic Field Laboratory just created what they claim to be the world’s strongest magnetic field using a toilet paper roll-sized magnet that’s less than a centimeter thick.

radial magnetization ferrite ring disc magnet

The miniature electromagnet was created by MagLab engineer Seungyong Hahn.

It generated a world-record 45.5-tesla magnetic field — more than 20 times the strength of a hospital MRI magnet.

Hahn and his team’s research, published in the journal Nature Thursday, describes how they achieved such a strong field using a new conductor and magnet design.

The magnet’s superconductors were made out of a new compound called REBCO (rare-earth barium copper oxide), which can carry twice as much current as superconductors used for previous record-breaking magnets — meaning a stronger electromagnetic field.

The team also skipped on adding insulation.


Researchers at the US MagLab have built the strongest magnet on Earth, which they nicknamed little big coil (LBC).

The principle of the no-insulation magnet technique (left).

The construction design of the little big coil (center).

Photo of the record-breaking magnet (right).

Owing to the no-insulation technique electrical burn-out is much less likely

Researchers at the US MagLab have built the strongest magnet on Earth, which they nicknamed little big coil (LBC).

With a magnetic flux density of 45.5 Tesla, it is 9000 times more powerful than a typical fridge magnet and almost half as strong as a chemical bond-distorting magnetic white dwarf star.

Unlike its giant 45T predecessor – which held the record for almost two decades – the new setup is smaller and uses much less power.

The key to the LBC’s ultra-powerful field is a high-temperature superconductor.

albmagnets factory price 27 6mm od x

Since yttrium barium copper oxide is superconducting up to 77K, it can be wound into tight, insulation-free coils, which operate at a high current density – 1260A/mm2.

The superconducting setup sits inside a regular resistive magnet and is cooled with liquid helium to 4K.

This is twice as warm as the previous record holder, the 30MW 45T Hybrid, which needs to be cooled to below helium’s boiling point with 15,000 liters of cold water every minute.

This means the LBC uses a lot less power than water-cooled magnets like the Hybrid.

LBC isn’t a full-sized working magnet yet, however.

Although it has only been able to sustain its magnetic field for a few seconds, the study shows that magnets made from copper oxide superconductors are a viable option.

The researchers believe that similar setups could produce even stronger magnetic fields.

The world’s strongest magnet is 500,000 times stronger than Earth’s magnetic field

The world’s strongest magnet has been created and sits in the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University.

According to researchers, it has the potential to revolutionize scientific research.

The custom-built split magnet took $2.5 million to complete and operates at 25 Tesla – which is 500,000 times stronger than our planet’s magnetic field.

If are ever caught in one of these devices, let’s just say you probably won’t live to tell the tale.

The previous world’s strongest magnet was only 17.5 Tesla and was set in France in 1991.

The scientists will be using magnets to probe the unusual properties of materials under extreme conditions of heat and pressure.

The strong magnetic fields should make it easier for researchers to observe atoms or molecules much more easily than if they were under less extreme conditions.

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