Strong Magnets For Fishing

Neodymium Magnets 11/17/2020

strong magnets for fishing

Strong Magnets For Fishing

Magnet Fishing at ALB - Neodymium Magnets For Sale

Neodymium magnets are the best magnets for magnet fishing. These durable and strong magnets are the most robust type of magnet available.

Neodymium magnets are a very specific magnet made of an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron.

This combination creates a very strong bond between metallic surfaces.

Because of this extremely strong magnetic bond, neodymium magnets can be hazardous.

Pacemakers and other sensitive electronics can be adversely affected by strong magnetic fields.

If you wear a pacemaker, do not handle strong magnets.

What is magnet fishing?

Magnet fishing is a type of metal detecting that can be done with a neodymium magnet and a strong rope.

This activity can be done virtually anywhere.

round neodymium fishing pot shape super strong

Neodymium magnets are strong enough to remove large metallic debris from bodies of water.

Oftentimes, people use fishing magnets to pull up bicycles, street signs, tire rims, and weapons from underneath bridges, along canals, or lakes.

How to make a fishing magnet?

Magnet fishing can be done with minimal equipment.

You can make a fishing magnet with any strong neodymium magnet and braided nylon rope, but a more complete magnet fishing equipment bundle is recommended to protect your hands and equipment.

How big of a magnet do you need for magnet fishing?

Depending on the size of the metal target, a magnet fisherman can choose from several different strengths of fishing magnets.

Best rope for magnet fishing

The best rope for magnet fishing is a double-braided nylon rope.

It is best to use a rope that is UV (ultraviolet) and rot-resistant so that it lasts through several years.

The best knot for magnet fishing

double-faced 2x600kgs force NdFeB fishing

The best knot for magnet fishing varies between users.

Most often, you will see people use a Palomar knot.

There are three others that are widely considered the best knot for magnet fishing.

Many metal detectorists use a double figure-eight knot, uni knot, or anchor hitch knot.

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best neodymium magnets for fishing

fishing magnet two face eyebolt

Magnet Fishing In 2020 - Ultimate Guide To Neodymium magnets

It is best to get the strongest magnet you can carry and tie securely to a rope. Keep in mind that the magnets...

Best Rope For Magnet Fishing

In addition to a strong magnet, you will need a good rope as your line.

We recommend getting a rope that is at least 50ft in length which would be long enough for shallow water and for fishing in most places.

If you know for sure that where you want to fish is very deep, or you want to be able to cast your line far from the water’s edge, then you can use a 100ft rope.

When fishing from bridges, then definitely use a 100ft rope.

We highly recommend using a good nylon paracord because of its strength, durability, elasticity, high abrasion resistance, and its ability to hold a knot very well;

all these are important given the conditions that you may be fishing in where the water could be murky and the magnet becomes snagged on to something which would take some strong yanking of the rope to un-snag it.

Its elasticity gives it slack, and since the paracord rope is light and thin, the pulling feedback you get when feeling the rope is a lot more sensitive;

you will know when the magnet has caught something.

super strong powerful round neodymium fishing magnet

Be aware that not all paracords are equal as there are different grades of strength depending on how it’s made.

Below is a nylon paracord, and it’s 50 feet in length.

This one is 4mm, type 3, and has 7 braided core yarns that enable it to have a minimum strength of 550lbs making it a perfect complement to the 500lbs magnet.

Magnet Fishing Supplies And Other Equipment

Like any outdoor activity, make sure you take along with you suitable gear to make the most of the experience.

At a minimum, bring a bucket to carry your finds, a brush to get rid of debris, and wear tough gloves to avoid injury when pulling the rope, and handling sharp and rusted metal.

Bring along a small plastic container for storing small items like fishing hooks and lures, nails, and other metal bits.

You can add a grappling hook to your gear which will become handy when retrieving heavy items.

Look after yourself by wearing a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock.

Wearing an insect repellent is very important as mosquitoes breed and inhabit water areas and their surroundings.

You can choose to wear waterproof waders and gumboots depending on the area, such as swamps and wetlands.

super strong powerful round neodymium fishing magnet

Strong Knots To Use For Magnet Fishing

The best knot to use for magnet fishing is one where it tightens on itself, providing a secure hold on the magnet.

Also, the knot needs to be one that is able to bear heavyweight.

If you are a fish angler and have a favorite knot, then try using it for your magnet.

For first-timers, we recommend the trusty Palomar as your magnet fishing knot as it is very simple to tie and is considered by many to be one of the strongest knots.

Best Places To Magnet Fish

Almost all places have bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, swamps, ponds, creeks, dams, canals, and sewers.

You will definitely find metal in urban areas, and in places where people frequently visit, walk along, and is accessible by foot.

Even in the countryside and remote parts, try fishing in less visited areas which may yield interesting metal finds that have been laying undisturbed for a long time.

If you happen to spot an old well or drain, then definitely drop your magnet there.

Towns with history are great locations to magnet fish.

stainless steel fishing magnet salvage magnet connecting

You can just imagine what sorts of metal treasures have been long discarded from times of industrial development, gold rush, nearby disused munition factories and mines, and areas that were once battlefronts of war.

Take the time to visit old towns and drop your magnet to see if you can find a piece of its history.

Who knows, your finds may even contribute to the local museum.

Magnet Fishing Finds – What People Have Found

People have found all sorts of items when magnet fishing.

If you’re one of the lucky ones (and there are many lucky magnet fishers) then you may have found anything from bullets, unexploded bombs, swords, handguns to machine guns.

Weapons aside, you may find road signs, shovels, tools, nails, fishing hooks, ball bearings, anchors, propellers, and other unique objects.

To improve your chances, go fishing in places most likely to yield metal treasure;

places of interest, places with a rich history, and places where battles once took place.

Fishing in World War 2 sites will yield items used during this period.

Below is part of the Basingstoke Canal UK where a six-year-old girl and her parents reeled in 6,000 bullets.

This area of the canal is located near Pirbright Army Training Centre.

Below is the King Sedgemoor Drain, Grey Lake at Kingsweston UK where a father and son retrieved over 30 gun parts.

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