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Neodymium Magnets 03/24/2020

accessories magnets

Accessories Magnets

ALB magnets come in a variety of forms: metal, ceramic, strips, tape, rings, clips, discs, and sheets.

Use magnets to tidy up or in DIY projects.

Ideal for the home, office, or workshop.

Available in different sizes and varieties.

Magnet rubber boot covers are for use with round ring magnets which are used in a variety of applications including antenna mounds, two light kits, work lamp bases, emergency light holders, vehicle flag holders, and sign banner holders.

Other magnet accessories from Grainger include ferrous discs made from steel with foam adhesive and paper liner.

Magnetic Accessories

Whether you want to post announcements, a sign-in sheet or reference materials, you can place documents directly on your dry-erase board with Quartet magnets.

Choose from big or small, geometric or classic shapes or even magnetic tape to find the perfect magnet for your needs.

Magnetic tools can signal locations on a map, keep track of time within/outboards, and signify progress on performance trackers.

Magnets come in many shapes and sizes and indicate important eye-catching information.

Simple write-on tools can be used to create unique magnets that meet your specific professional and personal needs.

oem quality customized size strong power magnet

If you need to pin related paperwork to an important board, numerous options are available, either by using magnets that can hold multiple papers in place or by using sleeves that stick directly onto the whiteboard.

Accessories like these can create a more organized look and remind employees and customers to look at, take or complete certain documents.

Dry erase supplies are also offered, with pens, markers, and erasers to replenish stores.

Being able to use and reuse a magnetic board, magnets and other items means being able to re-purpose or re-design a system for a business that is in the state of evolving.

Other whiteboard accessories such as storage boxes, cards, wipes, and cleaners can keep your whiteboard solution clean and organized, extending the life of the board.

Magnets & Magnetic Accessories for Dry Erase Boards

Dry Erase Board Magnets & Accessories

A bare whiteboard won't attract many eyes.

On the other hand, a well-accessorized whiteboard will get a lot of attention.

Get noticed with our collection of whiteboard magnetic accessories like dry erase board magnets, marker trays, and many more items.

We have products for every imaginable whiteboard need.

The accessories we carry at for your magnetic dry erase board include an array of items to help you get organized, stay productive and to keep everyone around you in the loop.

We have pre-cut colored magnetic strips of various sizes that you can easily write on to help distinguish important notes from the rest of the whiteboard space.

Uncommon items like this are what distinguish our collection.

But that's not all - we have the magnetic board mainstays that you need to keep a steady supply of.

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