Strong Magnet Hook

Neodymium Magnets 03/24/2021

strong magnet hook

Strong Magnet Hook

Super Strong Magnetic Hooks

Learning Resources Super Strong Magnetic Hooks Set - for Pocket Chart, Flip Book, Hall Pass, Decoration - Metal - Red, Blue, Green, Yellow - 400 / Pack $1479

Super Strong Magnetic Hooks (Set of 400)

Colorful magnetic hooks lend you a strong hand!

Free up more wall and bulletin board space by storing materials on metal filing cabinets and other magnetic surfaces.

Great for hanging pocket charts, flipbooks, decorations, hall passes, and more.

Set of 4 in bright colors: red, blue, green, and yellow

Metal hooks measure 1.5'' in diameter

Dimensions: 0.55 x 15.1 x 6.7

pot magnet hooks mounting NdFeB magnet

Case Pack Quantity: 240

ALB Strong Magnetic Hooks for Hanging. Up to 65 lbs. Set of 2 Black Magnet Hooks Heavy Duty Magnets, Neodymium 52 Rare Earth Magnets.

Deceptively strong. I'm actually using these magnets to hold a pair of anodized aluminum socket holders on a metal pegboard.

Magnetic Hook Set, 400 Pc.

Versatile magnetic hooks for the home, shop, or workspace


These heavy-duty magnet hooks attach to appliances, cabinets, or any other metal surface to provide a convenient hanging spot.

These zinc-plated magnetic hooks resist rust and corrosion making them ideal for long-term use.

Able to hold 4-3/4 lbs. of weight.

Attach to appliances, cabinets, or any other metal surface

N42 neodymium pot magnetic base assembly hook

Zinc-plated steel hooks resist rust and corrosion

Heavy-duty magnets

strong Magnetic Hooks

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Magnetic Hook 400pack 1in Heavy Duty Magnetic Hook with Strong Neodymium Magnet Hook

Magnetic Hook - Heavy Duty Magnetic Hook with Strong Neodymium Magnet Hook(400pack 1in): Home Improvement.

strong magnet for sale

To view our strong magnet offerings, please select a magnet material below: Alnico Magnets, Neodymium Magnets, Samarium Cobalt Magnets, Ceramic ...

neodymium fishing magnet and magnetic hook assembles

Magnet Summary Table

Neodymium magnets in all shapes and sizes!

Standard magnets in many shapes, sizes, and grades of neodymium material are listed here. We have a wide variety of strong neodymium magnets in stock, ready to ship.

Ordering stock magnets is easy.

Please find the accurate magnet material, shape, and dimension below and we will be happy to provide the details for any magnet you may need that meets the size requirements listed below.

The shop for the most powerful magnets in the world!

Strong Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnets

Neodymium [nee-oh-dim-ee-uh m] magnets (also known as NdFeB, Rare Earth, or Neo magnets).

These rare-earth magnets are the most widely used and strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available.

Product: Super Strong Craft Magnets. Package Size: Quantity of 10. Magnet Size: 9mm x 3mm round discs. Material: Nickel Plated. Strength: Magnetic pull force ...

hard magnetic hooks assembly magnets

Product: Super Strong Craft Magnets

Package Size: Quantity of 1000

Magnet Size: 9mm x 3mm round discs

Material: Nickel Plated

Strength: Magnetic pull force will hold up to 4.27 pounds

Purpose: Good for reborn pacifiers, barrettes, and umbilical cords as well as most other crafts

WARNING: These magnets are not intended to be used by children.

Besides the fact that they are a choking hazard, swallowing two magnets can cause serious health concerns or possible death due to forming holes in or clamping off the intestines.

Care should be taken with magnets as they may affect computer monitors, floppy disks, credit cards, or pacemakers.

Be sure to warn your customers about them: These magnets should not be allowed anywhere near computers, digital cameras, other magnetic recording devices (VCRs, tapes, etc) and should also not be allowed near pacemaker patients.

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