Heavy Duty Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 02/23/2021

heavy duty neodymium magnets

MM-E-32 Metric Mounting Magnets


  • NdFeB, Grade N38
  • Dimension: D=32mm (1.26" ) H=47mm (1.85" ) M=6mm (0.24" ) (M6 Coarsethreaded hook)
  • Pull force: 75.0 lbs

Neodymium Magnet Hooks

Neodymium Swinging Magnetic Hooks

Industrial strength magnetic hooks swing 180 degrees.

Heavy-duty construction ideal for holding and storing cables, tools, and wires in the warehouse.

Each features a powerful neodymium magnet (ALB-MM-E-60 has 1000).

ALB-MMS-G-X8 and ALB-MMS-G-XC rotate a full 360 degrees.

heavy duty neodymium magnets Hooks – 90 lb Neodymium Magnets

Strong Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks (5000 Pack) – Powerful 90lb Neodymium Rare Earth Hook Magnet Set for Multi-Purpose Hanging, Storage, Indoor/Outdoor Organization – Includes 3M Felt Non-Scratch Stickers

From the product description, check the product page for current description, price, and availability:

THE PERFECT ORGANIZING SOLUTION – Get organized and stay organized with our heavy-duty magnetic hooks.

Effective for any room or space, indoors or outdoors.


  • NdFeB, Grade N38
  • Dimension: D=36mm (1.42" ) H=46mm (1.81" ) M=6mm (0.24" ) (M6 Coarsethreaded hook)
  • Pull force: 90.4 lbs

Perfect for your home, kitchen, workplace, office, garage, shed, gym lockers, or even the side of your refrigerator.

UNMATCHED STRENGTH AND DURABILITY – With 90 lbs pull force, our hook magnets are super strong.

Made from the world’s strongest magnetic element, our set of rare earth neodymium hook magnets can hold just about anything and everything.

SUPER VALUE PACK – Each set includes 500 Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks and 500 Bonus 3M Felt Adhesive Non-Scratch Stickers.

Quick and easy to use with no tools, no drilling, no glue, nails, or screws.

And no scratches on your stainless steel refrigerator.

INDUSTRIAL GRADE – Designed and made from the highest quality materials, our hook magnets are small, lightweight, and surprisingly strong.

With excellent resistance to demagnification, our magnets are perfect for both temporary or permanent applications.

Heavy Duty Neodymium Lifting Magnet

ALB Heavy Duty Neodymium Lifting Magnet. Built with neodymium magnets - the strongest magnetic material in the world!


These lifting magnets are ideal for handling steel plates, forgings, die castings, and similar items in machine shops, warehouses, and industrial processing plants.

Each unit is serialized and pull tested certified.


  • NdFeB, Grade N38
  • Dimension: D=42mm (1.65" ) H=52mm (2.05" ) M=6mm (0.24" ) (M6 Coarsethreaded hook)
  • Pull force: 149.9 lbs

Lifts flat or round ferrous metal items

ON/OFF locking release handle

Eliminates the need for slings or clamping devices

No electricity required for the operation of the magnet

Permanent magnetism guaranteed

For safety, breakaway force is 3.5 times greater than maximum lift ratings, 75% better than the 2-times safety factor required by ASME standards

Heavy Duty Lifting Magnets

100kg+ strength magnets

Here you will find the strongest magnets available from our stock range at ALBmagnets.

Each magnet has an incredibly strong pull and is supplied with a comprehensive health and safety warning sheet.

The industrial-strength magnets listed below are mainly used for recovery, lifting, and heavy-duty clamping applications.

The super-strong neodymium and ferrite pot magnets are designed to be attached to a thick steel surface in direct contact to be at their most effective, while the raw block magnets such as the F335 are able to attract steel from a greater distance.

super strong neodymium n35 n42 n50 n5

ALB Heavy Duty Magnet

Corrosion-Resistant and Lightweight

Large Gripping Surface- 3.25" Square

This lightweight magnet has many uses.

It is the ideal choice for recovering small hardware within tight spaces or off of delicate surfaces.

They are easily implemented above production lines for conveyor belt sweeping.

This exclusive item has 6 strong ceramic magnets stacked for strength with steel pole pieces, an aluminum frame, and a bar handle for easy carrying.

Everything but the large 3.25" square gripping surface is covered with a 0.125" thick, bright orange heat-fused PVC coating that protects the magnet from corrosion.

Note: Given their especially powerful properties, please handle these magnets with extreme care to avoid personal injury.

Global Industrial Heavy Duty Magnets, Pack of 400. Buy it and Save at ALBMagnets.com.

Heavy-duty magnets demand respect.

To prove this point, the letters of the word, R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

spell out their powers.

strong magnetic permanent arc ferrite magnet for

They also spell out why industrial designers specify them in heavy kit manufacturing.

Heavy-duty magnets housed in articulated components in cranes, trains, and heavy machinery Regulate the speed at which mechanical power is expressed or withdrawn.

These regulatory limits are Enforced by torque limiters or a magnetic overload clutch.

Once mechanical force breaches the designers’ pre-determined threshold these magnetic couplings dump mechanical load to protect motors and gearings.

Returning equipment to a risk-free state.

Heavy-duty magnets discriminate with extreme prejudice.

That is, they are very Specific in what materials they do, or do not, attract or repel.

This allows designers to design highly intuitive assemblages.

By specifying which components are to be made of what type of material, magnetic agency can be exploited for optimal mechanical performance.

Designers install heavy-duty magnets as gate open/gate close protocols on the industrial kits because of their high degree of Predictability.

Pull or release forces for magnets are determined at the point of manufacture and remain stable.

The pure instinct for the task.

customized halbach array motor super strong wedge

Magnets perform come hell or high water.

Magnets embed an Efficiency dividend via their predictability and durability.

Magnets are Compatible with all material, especially plastics because they do not puncture to fasten.

The Territorial nature of a magnetic field, the closer in proximity the greater the pressure, is another intuitive, graduated, predictable force designers can exploit.

Magnets help mechanisms express power in a manner that is nuanced and predictable.

Or respectful.

Browse our Neodymium Magnets for our strongest range of products.

Suspension Magnet - Heavy Duty Suspended Magnets

Heavy-duty suspension magnet designed primarily for fitting over conveyors for the extraction of ferrous metals. View full product details.

Heavy Duty are designed primarily for fitting over conveyors for the extraction of ferrous metals within either wet or dry materials being processed.

Heavy Duty is provided with a double row of magnets to attain the maximum magnetic strength and is used for extraction where the distance between the conveyor and the magnet face is more than 160mm.

Both magnets are fitted with support brackets and pivot studs.

Two U-shaped brackets (provided with the magnets) are secured to the side mountings of the conveyor to support the studs.

d8 2mm n35 n52 super strong magnet

Fine adjustment of the height of the magnet is achieved by using the adjustable screws located on the U-shaped brackets.

1,500 LB Pull Round Neodymium Magnet, this is our largest and strongest magnet! It's the same size as our countersunk version but we have made significant improvements to the design ...

Recommended Rope: 1/3" Heavy Duty Nylon Rope or 0.40" Extra Heavy Duty Rope


The forces have been determined at room temperature on a plate of polished steel (A36) with a thickness of 1/2 inch. The pull force is applied perpendicular to the face of the plate.

A maximum deviation of -10% compared to the specified force is possible in exceptional cases, generally, the value is exceeded.

Depending on the type of application (thickness/condition of base metal, temperatures, and direction of pull), the forces can be influenced enormously.

Mounting on vertical surfaces can reduce the pulling force by up to 70%.

The indicated values solely serve a basis for comparison under the above-stated conditions.

Please get advice and help from our experts.

Quantity must be 1000 or more


neodymium cubo 3x3x3 5 5 5 de

heavy duty magnets with adhesive backing

1 Inch Heavy-Duty Round Magnetic Fastener

Need more than 5000 sets? Email us for wholesale pricing.

• Strong, safe and secure – will not damage your clothing or uniform

• Stainless steel design is 23mm in diameter by 5mm thick

• Round front plate has adhesive, the backplate has a small Neodymium magnet

• Ideal for school, office, police, fire, medical and other staff – also trade shows, conferences, and other group events

They’re safe, strong, and extremely durable – and this makes them perfect for holding name tags, ID badges, campaign/slogan buttons, and other items safely and securely – without damaging clothing or uniforms.

These small, strong, lightweight round fasteners/badge holders are designed in two pieces: the inside or anchor plate with a small yet powerful Neodymium magnet built-in, and the outside or front plate with an adhesive backing to hold your badge, button, or another item.

The inside anchor plate can be easily placed inside your jacket or lapel, with the front or outside plate secured on the outside of your jacket or lapel ready to attach your badge, name tag, etc..

These fasteners are preferred over other forms of badge and ID attachments because they do not damage clothing or uniforms, as they do not require you to insert a pin through your jacket to wear an ID badge or name tag.

Plus, these ALB magnetic badge holders also provide a safer alternative to wearing a lanyard around your neck for your ID.

This is because lanyards often swing outward and can get caught when you move or lean over, potentially posing a safety risk.


  • NdFeB, Grade N38
  • Dimension: D=75mm (2.95" ) H=75mm (2.95" ) M=10mm (0.39" ) (M10 Coarsethreaded hook)
  • Pull force: 361.6 lbs

heavy duty magnets with adhesive backing

Magnets, Heavy duty 1200-PACK Strong Magnets, Round Neodymium Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets Magnets for tools Organization, for Hanging, Home, DIY, kitchen, Crafts.


Set of 1200-PACK & 300PACK Adhesive Backing SIZE: 10mm X 2mm Multi-Use As For The Prefect Size and Magnetic, Magnets Can be Easily Stick to any Stainless Steel refrigerator, Washing machine, office board.School Lockers Etc.

Perfect For Office, Craft, Science Project, School Supplies, Hobby, Even Creat DIY Project.

☺Unleash your creativity and have fun!☺➤About The Round Disc Magnets :✳Colour: Silver✳Quantity: Set of 120✳Shape: Round➤Multi-Use Magnets :.Fridge magnets.Whiteboard

Do not swallow or place into mouth or nose.

Features & Highlights

★【SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE】: SIZE( 10mm X 2mm )These round magnets have enough strength to be used as a fridge magnet, sign, office magnets, whiteboard magnets, map magnets, note or picture holder, hardware tools hanger, Crafts, DIY material and so much more. Hanging What You Want

★【NO-SCRATCH TECHNOLOGY 】: superior corrosion resistance and provide a smooth and clean finish surface, which looks like stainless steel. Each Stainless Steel magnet won't leave a single scratch on it. Do not worry it might scratch the fridge or your new table.

★【WIDELY USED】: These round magnets have enough strength to be used as a fridge magnet, sign, office magnets, whiteboard magnets, map magnets, note or picture holder, hardware tools hanger, Crafts, DIY material and so much more.

★【DIY, Crafting or Decorate】: Perfect Of Magnets for Hanging What You Want.

Such as important reminders, photos, use magnets to frames or souvenirs Crafting, Jewelry, Office boards, Lockers, Refrigerators, Even Creat DIY Magnets.

★【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】: Your purchase is protected, We Provide Excellent after-sale Service.

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