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Bar Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 05/29/2020

Bar Magnet

Bar Magnets

This powerful bar magnet covers more of your project for extra security when stamping.

The magnet fits perfectly in the base of the MISTI and measures 2.5" x .5".

Our Price: $8.00

This powerful bar magnet covers more of your project for extra security when stamping.

The magnet fits perfectly in the base of the MISTI and measures 2.5" x .5" Because of the brittle nature of rare earth magnets, they are not eligible for warranty, replacement, returns or exchanges.

NOTE:Neodymium magnets are very brittle and very strong magnetically.

Therefore, it is crucial to handle these magnets with extreme care to avoid personal injury and damage to the magnets.

Fingers can be severely pinched between attracting magnets.

Magnets can chip if allowed to “jump at” an attractive object.

It is highly recommended that when constructing rare earth magnetic assemblies, they be are magnetized after assembly.

Because of their brittle nature, magnets will not be warrantied, replaced, returned, or exchanged.Not for children.

These handy Bar Magnets are perfect for classroom science projects, science fair projects, and general experimentation.

Durable and strong, these magnets will help students better grasp magnetism and magnetic polarity.

Add them to your classroom supplies and reuse them for years.

With north and south poles in different colors. 2 3/4" x 1/2"

Bar magnets look like regular rectangular magnets but they are magnetized in a specific way.

To be a ‘bar’ magnet, the magnet must have the north pole on one end and the south pole on the other, magnetized down their length.

This means that they are stronger on each end where the pole faces are located.

This is different from rectangular magnets which are ordinarily magnetized so that their north and south poles are on the larger, flat faces and magnetized through their thickness.

Bar magnets are used when maximum strength is required from a small pole area.

They are also commonly used to activate reed switches in proximity and counting applications.

high quality steel formwork magnetic shutter box

And, of course, we must not forget the traditional alnico bar magnets, which are usually painted to identify the north and south poles and have been used in classrooms for decades!

Ceramic Bar Magnets for Science Magnetic Field Lab

Bar magnet, ferrite, 120x22x10mm, red/blue: N/S

$1.40USD or lower Each

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Iron Filings, ~100g w/o Hole, WHMIS Compliant

SKU: 33476 $3.50USD or lower

FieldView for magnetic field shapes, white base

SKU: 33745P $3.25USD or lower

Compass, clear top, 45-50mm, metal bottom

SKU: 44513 $0.45USD or lower

Magnaprobe, Mark II, Magnetic Pole Detector

SKU: 44702 $10.95USD or lower

Silkscreen, 1 color text/logos;

magnifier/PMS match not incl

Lot of 2000 $750.00USD

If you need bar-shaped magnets with greater holding or repelling force, see neodymium magnet blocks.

Watch Indigo Magnet Surfer Guy go on a wild ride:

Note: The bar magnets got a big boost by attaching 20x10x5mm Nd blocks at opposing faces.

Or, take a look at this really old video of a magnet probe in action that shows how to identify a magnetic field around a bar magnet.

Repulsion Test

durable good quality ndfeb arc neodymium magnet

Two 120x22x10mm bar magnets were placed in contact with opposing poles (N: N).

They were released and the repulsion distance was measured.

The average of 5 trials is 52mm or slightly more than 2 inches.

52mm Paperclip Pickup Test

Forty paper clips were placed in a 500ml beaker.

A single 120x22x10mm ferrite bar magnet was dipped into the beaker to pick up as many paper clips as possible.

This pair of bar magnets are polarized on the narrow ends and effective in traditional, simple experiments with magnetism and electro-magnetic induction using coils.

Alnico bar magnets for use in manufacturing. Choose from several sizes of bar magnets.

Tolerances: As cast - 0” - 1” ± .016 and cut to length ± .010, and 1” - 2” ± .031 and cut to length ± .031.

Standard stock items listed above are cast Alnico 5 material.

Other grades and lengths may be available.

$30 minimum order.

Enter the information below and the size needed.

For pricing on more than one magnet.

Ceramic Bar Magnets for Science Magnetic Field Lab.

The 120mm (5") bar magnet is great for experiments with iron filings, compasses, or paperclips-only $1.40.. See our blog on Magnet Experiments for Kids for.

Block Magnets & Bar Magnets - Excellent for All Types of Holding Applications

Block magnets are square, cube, or rectangular in shape and have completely flat surfaces with right angles (90°).

They are widely used for holding applications as they can be combined with other hardware (such as channels) to increase their holding force.

They are also the most common shape of magnet used in everyday applications.

We carry a large inventory of permanent block, bar and cube magnets in a wide range of materials, sizes, grades and finishes, not all of which are shown on this website.

Please contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for.

neodymium magnet super strong with good price

We can also custom manufacture block magnets to your exact specifications.

Just send us an RFQ and our experienced team of engineers will help you determine the most economical solution for your design or project requirements.

Strong neodymium rare earth block/bar magnets are incredibly powerful for their size and ideal for use in manufacturing, science experiments, woodworking...

What Are Bar Magnets Used For?

While magnets can come in many forms, bar magnets are always rectangular.

They are dark gray or black and are commonly composed of alnico, a combination of aluminum, nickel, and cobalt.

Bar magnets are characterized by having a north and south pole on opposite ends of the bar.

Opposites Attract

The basic law of magnets is that opposites poles attract and like poles push back.

You can demonstrate the law of magnetism by placing two bar magnets near each other.

If they pull together the opposite poles are touching and if they push away the similarly charged poles are facing.

School Experiments

School children often learn about magnetic properties, such as which metals are magnetic, by conducting experiments with bar magnets.

Bar magnets are commonly used because of their low cost, convenient size, and ease of use.

Magnetize Objects

Bar magnets can be used to magnetize other objects, such as paperclips.

You magnetize the paperclip by stroking it against the bar magnet several times in one direction.

You test it by bringing the magnet close to the paperclip: If the paperclip is attracted, it is not considered magnetic.


Industrial uses bar magnets for automation and the collection of loose metal materials.

Bar magnets also are used to help other magnets retain their magnetism.


When a bar magnet is suspended, such as from a string, it will naturally align itself to the north pole, like a compass.

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