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81mm Round Magnet

Neodymium Magnets 03/13/2020

81mm Round Magnet Harbor Freight Tools

81Mm Round Magnet

Amazing deals on this 81Mm Round Magnet at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices.

A general-purpose magnet for countless applications


This extremely versatile round magnet is rated up to 95 lb.

for a variety of applications around the home, shop, office or garage.

The magnet features a through-hole screw and hooks for special applications such as holding emergency or trouble lights on your vehicle.

95 lb. magnetic pull

Through-hole screw and hook for special applications

Stamped and formed 14 gauge sheet steel

81mm round magnet

Great designs on professionally printed fridge magnets.

Turn your fridge into a signpost for your interests with 81mm Mortar Magnets.

We offer magnets in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to suit your desired location perfectly.

Whether you want to stick a magnet on the back of your car, a school locker or other metal accessory, you'll find a great match in our collection of thousands of designs.

81mm Round Magnet Harbor Freight Tools

Need something super specific? Create your own custom magnet, so you can be sure you're saying exactly what you want.

Harbor Freight Magnets, I have the 81mm round magnet from Harbor Freight but find it lacks any real use other than to hold things on my refrigerator.

I don't know what its pull power is but I'm thinking it isn't much.

Have y'all had any experience with their more powerful magnets (150 lb. and 250 lb.)? I'm thinking about getting those to keep in my kayak when I'm out fishing.

I spend a lot of time under bridges and think there may be some interesting things there.

Powerful 81mm Round Base Magnets

Round base magnets are powerful, low-profile magnets with an attachment hole in the center for attaching a light, sign or other accessories.

Missing:81mm‎| ‎Must include: ‎81mm

Magnetic Spray Gun Holder

Round base magnets are powerful, low-profile magnets with an attachment hole in the center.

Attach a hook or knob to position or hold inspection equipment, indicator gauges, lamps, signs, antennas and more.

Magnetic on one side.

All-round base magnets are nickel or nickel/chrome plated for durability.

For other types of plating, call one of our knowledgeable sales specialists.

Round base magnet | Ø31/36/51/67/81mm

round neodymium fishing pot shape super-strong

The round base magnet is 81mm diameters with center hole and chrome cover.

Compact but incredibly strong, this round magnet with center hole and chrome-plated cover.

- round base magnet with chrome cover

- chrome cover with center hole

Round base magnet, Ø81mm

- round base magnet with chrome cover

- adhesive force: up to 95 pounds/ 43kg

- weight magnet with cover: app.


- dimensions (inkl. chrome cover): app.

81x12mm (ØxH)

- Ø center hole in cover: 7mm

- inside diameter of magnet hole: 32mm

Round base magnet, Ø67mm

- adhesive force: up to 65 pounds/ 29kg

rubber coated pot magnets working light fixture

- weight magnet with cover: 156g

- dimensions (inkl. chrome cover): app.

67x9mm (ØxH)

- Ø center hole in cover: 7mm

- inside diameter of magnet hole: 25mm

Round base magnet, Ø51mm

- adhesive force: up to 25 pounds/ 11kg

- weight magnet with cover: 76g

- dimensions (inkl. chrome cover): app.

51x8mm (ØxH)

- Ø center hole in cover: 5mm

- inside diameter of magnet hole: 21mm

Set of 2 round base magnet, Ø31mm

- adhesive force: up to 11pound / 5kg

- dimensions (with chrome cover): about 31x4,6mm (ØxH)

- weight magnet with cover: 43g

- Ø center hole: 3,5mm

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