10 Ton Lifting Magnet

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10-ton lifting magnet

10 Ton Lifting Magnet

10 Ton Crane Lifting Magnet for Loading Steel Scraps with Control Cabinet, Find details about USA Lifting Magnet, 10 Ton Crane Lifting Magnet.

Complete Set of Crane Lifting Magnet:

Lifting Magnet

Control Cabinet ( Normal Control Cabinet or Battery Back-up Control Cabinet)

Cable Reel with Cable

MW5 Lifting Magnet Drawing:

MW5 Series Steel Scrap Lifting Magnet

MW5 Normal Temperature Series Scrap Electric Lifting Magnet is Suitable for cast ingot,

steel ball,

pig iron,

machine chip,

for various kinds of steel scraps,

return scraps,


baling scraps and etc in foundry factories and for iron powder in

coal washer.

During slag disposal process,

it can remove the large size of iron at initial step.

Outlet box has two chambers,

an extra thick fender and an anti-twist setting.

It is made of aluminum wire and the coil protection plate is made of highly rolled Manganess plate. This series adopts the vacuum filling method so as

to enable the fine insulation performance. TheMicais used as the heat barrier material.

hollow magnets neodymium tube magnet

It is also can be installed on the excavator.

Three types for option:

Normal temperature type (DC-220V TD

for lifting normal temperature steel scraps.

High frequency type (DC-220V TD-75%):

for lifting normal temperature steel scraps in high-frequency use.

-- High temperature type (DC-220V TD-%):

for lifting high-temperature steel scraps or lift steel scraps in high temperature

environment use.

Lifting Magnet Usage Picture:

Partial Testing for Lifting Magnet before Delivery:

1. Pressure Testing at 2000V,50HZ.

2. Inter Turn Testing at 550V.

3. DC Resistance Testing.

4. Insulation Resistance Testing.

5. Electric Clearance Testing.

6. Creep Distance Testing.

7. Lifting Capacity Testing.

8. Control Cabinet Testing.

9. Other Testing for Magnet Size & Appearance.

Delivery Package: Standard Export Package fixed iron frame with five-plywood board packing to keep safety and long-distance

Automatic Electro-Permanent Lift Magnets: 1/2 ton, 1 ton, 3 ton ...10ton

1/2 Ton, 1100 Lb. Lift Magnet for your shop. Fully Automatic, Hands-Free Operation. Cordless battery, ELP lift magnets. 47 lbs. 7" x 9" x 10" Small footprint

alb magnet manufacturers neodymium arc segment magnets

Automatic Electro-Permanent Lift Magnets

Magnets® Cordless Lifting Magnets

Magnets® SAFE BAT SC-P1100

Reliable & Safe Magnetic Lifting Technology

1/2 Ton, 1100 Lb.

Lift Magnet for your shop.

Fully Automatic, Hands-Free Operation.

Cordless battery, ELP lift magnets.

47 lbs. 7" x 9" x 10" Small footprint

Uses Machining, Grinding, Deburring, Shipping,

Machine Shop & Job Shop Steel Production,

Palletizing, Loading, Unloading, Moving Steel.

Industrial Heavy Lifting Magnets

Lifting Magnets

ALB designs and manufactures lifting magnets for a wide range of applications using permanent, electro-permanent, battery-powered, and electromagnetic technologies.

ALB Self-Contained Lifting Magnets are versatile, compact, easy to operate and can be used on flat and round material ranging from 0 to 11,000lbs.

Our larger lifting magnets are designed for applications such as handling billets, bundles, bar stock, slabs, plates, structurals, long bar stock, rail, hot material, coils, pipe rebar, radioactive material, slag, and more.

These magnets are commonly used in steel mills, scrap yards, loading docks, warehouses, foundries, shipyards, coil and pipe distributors, and other users of applicable steel products.

Permanent Lifting Magnets

Our standard heavy lifting magnets can easily fit the round bar, pipe, and flat plates.

We have lifting magnets for cranes that have high lift capacity but are low weight and simple to move into position.

These large industrial lifting magnets contain the highest quality rare earth neodymium magnetic material for smooth and easy magnetic lifting.

10-ton lifting magnet


Lifting Equipment - ALB Hoist and Crane

BCS-200: 10 Ton Beam Clamp with Shackle. PML-20: 4,400 lb Lifting Magnet.

BCS-100: 5 Ton Beam Clamp with Shackle

Lifting Equipment

Building a Crane Kit

Cranes are typically designed for specific buildings and applications.

In order to design the crane that best fits your needs, you will need to look at how you will be using your crane.

Custom Design/Manufacturing

ALB Hoist & Crane can custom design any product to your specific needs.

For more details, please read on and if your questions aren't answered, feel free to contact us immediately.

Deciding Which Hoist

Selecting the correct hoist for your application can be a complicated task.

In order to choose the hoist that best fits your needs, you will need to look at how you will be using your hoist.

About ALB Hoist & Crane

ALB Hoist & Crane manufactures top-quality hoists, rigging, crane components, and more.

We provide a wide selection of lifting solutions for an array of applications.

From heavy-duty electric wire rope hoists to rugged come along, ALB’s equipment is durable and versatile.

Magnetic Lifting handling equipment for handling huge cast

10-ton industrial magnets, magnetic lifter for cast pipe, electro-permanent lifting electromagnet for 10-ton iron pipe.

Magnetic Lifter for Iron Pipe/Cast Tube

Magnetic Lifting handling equipment for handling huge cast tube, 10-ton steel pipe electromagnetic lifter

Magnetic Lifting handling equipment for handling huge cast tube, 6-ton steel pipe electromagnetic lifter

Magnetic handling equipment for cast tube

sanyi strong n35 n52 ndfeb neodymium magnet

steel pipe electromagnetic lifter

10-ton magnetic handing equipment

Product description: 10-ton industrial magnets, magnetic lifter for cast pipe, electro-permanent lifting electromagnet for 10-ton iron pipe

Magnetic Lifting handling equipment for handling huge cast tube, 10-ton steel pipe electromagnetic lifter

√ A single piece of cast pipe lifting.

√ Support lifting if the steel with some disturbance deformation

√ Large magnetic permeability depth, adsorption is more stable

√ The motor adjust the length of the beam and does not interfere with other objects(exclude steel)

Cast Pipe Lifting Magnet Drawing :

What is electro-permanent magnetic technology?

Electro permanent magnet technology is via electricity to control the magnetic field lines of the permanent magnet material, which express with magnetic force(magnetized state) or non-magnetic force(demagnetized state).

It is an innovative application technology that can attract or release material independently.

Magnetized state: Electromagnetic coil with instantaneous excitation current, which controls the magnetic field state switching of reversible magnetic material, so that the magnetic field covering the surface of the magnetic poles and bring strong adsorption force.

As the magnetic field form a closed loop, no magnetic loss, work with no heat, no noise, no energy consumption features(as shown in Figure 1.1)

Demagnetized state: in the magnetized state, the electromagnetic coil once again instantaneous excitation current, the built-in circuit to change the reversible magnetic field, so that the magnetic field converged inside the permanent magnet, and the magnetic pole surface no longer have a magnetic field, the material is released( as shown in Figure 1.2)

Magnetic Lifter components :

the core part of magnetic force, direct contact, and adsorption of the workpiece

2, Control System(including sound and light indicating system)

Control magnetization/demagnetization, collection, and processing of all signals

2.1,Controller for long-distance(optional)

Mini control cabinet used in Crane Cab or other compact location

2.2,Remote Controller (optional)

Mini control cabinet used in Crane Cab or other compact location

cheap and high quality anti magnetic material

3, Cable retracting device

Pull in & out reel to release & collect cable

Electro permanent magnet advantages :

1.Economical, Energy saving, Environment protection

Electric permanent magnet system only uses electricity at the moment of magnetic charging and demagnetization, no need power during the working process, no temperature rise, save electricity power more than 95% compared with the electromagnet, big reduction of using cost.

Both lifting permanent magnet and control system weights are light, can reduce the lifting equipment load, improve lifting weight.

2.High security

The magnetism of the Electro permanent lifting magnet is from 2 kinds of permanent magnetic materials with different natures.

The maximum magnetic force is up to 16kgf/cm2.No needs electricity power during working, avoid the lifting magnet system magnetic power loss and the risk of sucked material falling down when power sudden failure or connection cable damaged.

No attenuation even passed away a long time, with great security during use.

3.Easy to use

Electronic control operation only has charge, demagnetization buttons, easy to operate, only use 0.1-1s for magnetization and demagnetization, improved operational efficiency.

There is no wearing parts inside the permanent magnet system, no hydraulic oil, compressed air, etc., no specific maintenance, only need to ensure that the surface clean, reliable and durable, no maintenance, and practical.

After demagnetization, the surface remaining magnetic force is almost 0, even if the small magnetic particles will not adsorb on the surface of the magnetic pole, the adsorption will not scratch, will not cause remnants for the adsorption.

4.Unique, Flexible Product Design

The internal lifting permanent magnet adopts unique modular design, dual magnetic source technology, a unique product manufacturing process, unique internal structure.

5.Perfect function

Electro Permanent Lifting magnet system is very safe, as it is not affected by power loss, no UPS battery auxiliary system.

High energy from permanent magnetic materials provide lasting suction, always ensure the safety of materials and to ensure material only can be demagnetized when it is landing, provide the highest level of security to end-users.

Permanent Lifting Magnet at Best Price in the USA

Find here online price details of companies selling Permanent Lifting Magnet. Get info of suppliers, ... Permanent lifting magnet comes for 125 kg, 500 kg, 1 ton and 2-ton structure steel lifting ... Lifting Magnet, Size: 10 Inch X 6 Inch. Ask Price.

Permanent Lifting Magnet

69,00$ PieceGet Latest Price

Permanent Magnets are suitable for continuous-duty occasions with a small number of ferrous metal objects to be removed.

this equipment has a high magnetic field intensity, no energy consumption, and long service life.

it is easy to install and use without maintenance.

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