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Square Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 03/30/2021

square rare earth magnets

Square Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets

square neodymium magnets

A wide range of square magnets from the tiny 1mm x 1mm x 1mm neodymium cube through to the super-strong 60mm x 60mm x 60mm neodymium block.

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Square magnets are typically axially magnetized between the two square faces.

From the tiny 3mm x 3mm x 3mm neodymium cube through to the substantial 50mm x 50mm x 20mm neodymium block made from the strongest grade available to buy, square magnets are commonly used when maximum strength is required from a compact magnet.

square neodymium magnets

Neodymium-Magnet-Square-1-x-1-inch Neodymium magnets can severely pinch skin or fingers, or even break bones when suddenly attracted to a magnetic object.

direct factory square n52 neodymium magnet cube magnets

Very strong (N35-N40) super-strong magnet square block with slightly rounded corners.

Plated with nickel.

The square is 1" x 1" and the thickness is 1/4".

N35=35 MGOe (Mega Gauss Oersted)= 3500 Tesla

Warning: Gloves and goggles are required when handling these magnets. Neodymium magnets should always be handled carefully.

Some that are slightly larger than the size of a penny are powerful enough to lift over 10 kilograms.

Neodymium magnets can severely pinch skin or fingers, or even break bones when suddenly attracted to a magnetic object.


These are small rare earth magnets - 0.25" cubed. Composed of Neodymium/Iron/Boron (NdFeB), these magnets are curiously strong and make for a great way ...

muti size strong magnet neodymium square block magnets

square rare earth magnets

Square - 6000 / Pack - Black, White. For use on magnetic glass boards; Square glass caps for attractive appearance;

ALB Square Glass Cap Rare Earth Magnets

Includes rare earth magnets

Square Glass Cap Rare Earth Magnets

Marketing Information

Use your magnetic glass board as a bulletin board with these handy, super-strong magnets.

Rare earth magnets inside the square glass caps allow them to adhere to magnetic glass boards.

super strong square block magnet rare earth magnets

Magnets come in black and white caps to post your documents in style.

Packaged Quantity 1000


Neodymium magnet blocks can be produced in the square, cube, rectangle, and irregular block shapes. Block magnet provides high energy and Br

About ALB

Our factory focused on the development and manufacturing of Neodymium magnet, has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in producing various sizes, different shape,s and surface coating. Over 45 different grades of neodymium magnet (strong magnet), they are widely used in the automotive industry, clean energy, consumer electronics, sound device, home & office use, health care, separation filtration equipment, and other industry.

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How to order a neodymium magnet?

Due to the Neodymium magnet are not standard mechanical components, basically, all the dimensions will be produced according to the customer’s requirement.

Sometimes, we are keeping the rough semi-finished products (cylinder and block shape) in stock for urgent need.

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