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Mini Tiny Thin Small Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets 03/17/2021

Mini Tiny Thin Small Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

Mini Tiny Thin Small Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets

Micro Magnets

Miniature Micro Magnets Neodymium

Magnet Materials: Oftentimes ultra-small magnets are limited to bonded magnetic products, but now ALB can deliver miniature, fully dense Neodymium Iron ...

Through continuous improvement efforts, ALB Magnetics has added the capacity to deliver micron-sized magnets.

Magnet Materials: The D12.5xd5x1mm is the thinnest 12.5mm (1/2") ring we carry.

Oftentimes ultra-small magnets are limited to bonded magnetic products, but now ALB can deliver miniature, fully dense Neodymium Iron Boron (Neo), Samarium Cobalt (SmCo), and Strontium Ferrite (Ceramic).

In addition, ALB can supply miniature cast Aluminum Nickel Cobalt (Alnico) magnets, a magnet alloy that has been traditionally been limited in non-macro sizes.

Samarium Cobalt Diametric Magnet on a Paperclip

Environmental Protection:

As well as manufacturing a variety of small magnet solutions, ALB Magnetics can provide an array of coating or plating options. Conventional magnet corrosion inhibiting solutions can be applied such as Nickel and Epoxy but also Parylene C which is oftentimes used for its inertness when the magnet will be exposed to an organic environment.

(*Please note–As with larger magnets, the penetration of a corrosion inhibiting layer is limited inside small holes and features.)

High Temp. Neo Discs D-30UH

high precision super small tiny mini micro magnets


All shapes and available, Discs, Blocks, Rings, Arcs, and Spheres as well as custom geometries. What is especially beneficial to the market is ALB deep hole capability. This is where the whole length is greater than the diameter of the part.

Miniature / Micro Magnet Capabilities

The thinnest thickness of Nd-Fe-B magnets we can produce is 0.4mm

ALB - one of the professional motor and motor magnet manufacturers in the USA, is good at processing custom-made rare earth Nd-Fe-B magnets, high-performance Nd-Fe-B special-shaped magnets, micro-precision magnets, motors, sensors with radial multipolar magnetic rings, injection-molded ferrite magnets, ferrite magnets (magnets) and so on, providing solutions to magnet schemes, professional knowledge of magnets, is a purchase, engineering, research, and development value.

Must collect the motor magnet website.

ALB found that many customers asked for Nd-Fe-B sheets.

Often they would ask, how many mm can you make the thinnest magnet? Also, mobile phones are becoming thinner and thinner now.

The speaker camera of mobile phones is naturally thinner and thinner.

This requires that manufacturers of magnets have certain strengths and experience.

A samarium-cobalt magnet was proofed for a precision electronics factory in the USA before the small edition.

Its thickness is 0.2mm and how thin is 0.2mm? It is equivalent to the thickness of two ordinary A4 paper.

It is very troublesome to produce such thin paper, and the scrap rate is high.

neodymium magnet very small mini magnet d1x1mm

It is suggested that the thickness of A4 paper should be more than 0.4mm.

Not only Nd-Fe-B magnets but also ferrite magnets can be made with a thickness of less than 1 mm.

The ferrite sheet shown below is 0.65.

The specifications of the magnets are F12.5*8.5*0.65.

If you want to customize micro precision magnets, square ultra-thin NdFeB magnets, ultra-thin NdFeB magnets quotation proofing welcome to contact us.

Warm Tip: Because the thickness of the magnet is thin, it is easy to break, so use it with extra care.

thin small magnets

Small Thin Ceramic Magnets

Small Thin Ceramic Disc Magnets are 1/2" (.50) across and only 1/8" thick (half the thickness of the Small Magnets) with about the same magnetic pull. These are Grade 5 Magnets. Strong Hold.

Made in the USA.

Even though these Ceramic Magnets are thinner, they have almost the same pull as the ones that are 3/16" thick. These are a Grade 5 Magnet. Strong Hold. Round ceramic magnets can't be cut. They do require adhesive to attach. We recommend E6000 for a strong bond. Small Thin Magnets are sold in packs of 1000.

thin small magnets

N35 Block Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets Strong Thin Small

small ndfeb disc magnet round neodymium magnets

The best magnet awaits your best choice, Welcome to Rare Earth Block Neodymium Magnets Solutions.

Bars and Blocks: Neodymium Block Magnets

Plate magnets (magnetic plates), which are also called block magnets, are very cost-effective and robust magnets that can serve a variety of purposes including filtering metal particles off of products on a conveyor belt or out of free-falling product streams.

Permanent block and plate magnets can easily be built into existing installations and processing infrastructures to filter unwanted metal particles and protect processing machines in a reliable, economical manner to prevent interruptions to product processing.

Tiny, Thin craft magnets

Thin round magnet diameter 12mm x thickness 1mm

Magnet material: sintered ndfeb

Surface magnetic field: about 900gs

This product is NdFeB thin round strong magnet, diameter size 12mm, thickness 1mm, nickel plating on the surface, gauss in 900gs or so, Be careful of fragility and injury.

I am looking for a good source of magnets for a Christmas gift project.

thin rare earth magnets

Laminated Magnets Reduce Eddy Current Loss in High-Efficiency Motors.

powerful neodymium magnet mini NdFeB magnet for medical

High efficiency demands the best materials, and the ALB L Type laminated rare earth magnets are proven to reduce eddy current losses in high-efficiency motors. Less eddy current loss means less heat and less waste.

Designers in the aerospace, automotive, motorsport, and industrial markets are turning to laminated rare earth magnets, and are working to balance the tradeoff between power and heat.

ALB minimizes the tradeoff by offering best-in-class materials with:

The thinnest available insulating layers, <20 um

Performance at temperatures up to 200˚C

Magnet layers from .5 mm and up in custom shapes and sizes in ALB samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron.

With a worldwide presence and extensive engineering expertise, ALB can work with your design team to improve motor performance, deliver custom magnetic assemblies, and even complete rotors.

Contact us to discuss how this capability can improve the performance of your application.

thin disc magnets

Multiple Pole Ceramic Magnets Thin Disc Magnets

Multiple Pole Ceramic Magnets Thin Disc, Disc Hard Ferrite Magnets, hard sintered ferrite strong disc magnets, ROUND CERAMIC STRONG DISC MAGNETS, Anisotropic or Isotropic Permanent Magnets, Ceramic Disk Disc Fridge Magnet China Supplier

Multiple Pole Ceramic Magnets Thin Disc Features:

Part No.: HS-FDM

super small mini disc rare earth NdFeB

Grade:Y30,Y25, Y35, Y33, Y40, C5, C8, C1, etc.

Magnetic properties: Hcj,Hcb,BH,Br,BHmax,working temperature

Magnetized Direction: Magnetized through thickness

Other size and grade are available on request

Application: Widely used in sensor, speakers, reed switches, motor, rotor, wind turbines/generators, AC/DC motors, drive motors, servo motors, etc

Magnetization directions: by Axial or by radial

Hard Ferrite ceramic magnets were developed in the ’60s and today comprise 75% of world magnetic consumption.

Despite their relatively low magnetic values, they are the most popular magnet on the market due to their ready availability and relatively low cost.

The raw material from which ferrite magnets are produced is Strontium Ferrite powder (mainly ScO.6Fe203) which is formed in a press while subjected to an electric field.

This process allows the direction of the magnetic field to be determined during the production of the magnet.

Ferrite magnets main qualities: ferrite High coercivity (= high resistance of the magnet to demagnetization).

Highly stable under difficult environmental conditions with no need for a coating to protect the magnet.

customized mini magnet neodymium magnet micro magnet

High resistance to oxidation.

Durability – the magnet is stable and constant.

Ferrite magnets popular uses: automotive industry, electric motors (DC, brushless, and others), magnetic separators (mainly plates), home appliances, and more.

ALBspecializes in the production of Hard Ferrite (anisotropic) using a wet pressing process.

Cutting and grinding of the magnets are performed with an electroplated diamond grinding wheel.

Craft and Hobby Disc Hard Ferrite Magnets

Ceramic Magnets are strong, can’t be cut, and are perfect for Glass Gems, Mirrors, and many other magnetic crafts.

They have enough strength to hold additional items (photos, papers, etc) to any magnetic surface, even when attached to craft items.

Whether you choose thin or thick ceramic magnets they have about the same stronghold (magnetic pull).

The strongest is the large ceramic magnet which measures nearly an inch across.

If you need something stronger, try our Neodymium Magnets.

Even though they are smaller than most of our ceramic magnetic discs, they are stronger!

Our Magnets Are Everywhere!

mini neodymium ndfeb disc magnet d3x1mm N52

In our day-to-day lives, we rarely have the opportunity to see rare earth magnets with our own eyes, but because of the strength of their magnetic force, they are the ideal magnet for size reduction and energy conservation and are actually in use all around us.

Here, we would like to introduce various devices that are indispensable in our lives and that use rare earth magnets.

Thin, large-screen TVs have compact, high sound quality speakers mounted in them.

Rare earth magnets are used in these speakers and contribute to giving these speakers smaller sizes and higher sound quality.

Rare earth magnets are used in DVD recorders (players) and DVD writing heads (optic pickups) to accurately read the video and audio signals.

Rare earth magnets are used also in the voice coil motors (VCM) that drive the heads that read and write the video and audio signals in the hard disk drives mounted in recorders with hard disk drives.

Air conditioners control the room temperature by compressing and expanding gas that is serving as a medium for heat.

Rare earth magnets are used in the compressor motors that compress this gas.

Using rare earth magnets increases the energy saving of air conditioners.

Heat pump type water heaters (Eco Cute) generate heat by compressing and expanding the same gas as air conditioners (*there are also many hot water heaters that use CO2) and use that heat to heat water.

Rare earth magnets are used in the compressor motors for compressing the gas.

Refrigerators cool gas by compressing and expanding the same gas as air conditioners (*there are also many refrigerators that use CO2) and use that cooled gas to refrigerate and to freeze.

Rare earth magnets are used in the compressor motors for compressing the gas.

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