Flexible Magnets

Flexible Magnets are often used as economical sign holders to capture customer attention and drive sales. They offer an ideal way to hang metal signs, banners, graphics, POP displays and promotional materials on a variety of surfaces throughout your retail floor. On one side, Flexible Magnets are easily affixed via an adhesive strip. On the other, the magnetized area securely holds signage in place. Use the pre-measured/pre-cut sections or opt for a continuous roll if you require a custom length.

Flexible magnets are available in strips, sheets or roll form, and can be custom cut, slit or scored to your specifications. The material can be bent, twisted, coiled, cut with a pair of scissors, printed, silk screened or painted on with permanent or erasable markers, and easily adhered to other items. We offer this material in a variety of finishes and types of adhesive backing, designed to be used in either indoor or outdoor applications.

Flexible Strips are great for many consumer & commercial applications: toys, games, arts & crafts, magnetic signs, POP displays & more.
Flexible Sheets are ideal for indoor & outdoor signs, warehouse labeling, vehicle signs, displays, visual aids, toys, games, arts & crafts & many other applications.
Label Holders are excellent for any application where labeling information requires frequent & instant change, such as warehouses, drug stores,shipping rooms & many others.
Write-On Magnetic Strips are easy to use for many labeling applications: office & visual aids, warehouses, shipping rooms, classrooms, labs, POP displays, trade show applications & more.

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